LV rang ~ they have a miroir lockit ~ shall I take it?

  1. :rolleyes:Ahh im in a mess! Decided I didn't want a lockit, didn't get one when they first came out, on holiday etc. So i was fine about it looking forward to AW bags!

    BUT... I get a call today from my store manager saying oh, there is a miroir lockit available if you want it now!

    I was like, em, uh, em, hmm I dont know!

    I need help, im thinking yes because its LE blah blah, but im thinking no because I know I will never use it!

    I need help! xx
  2. why won't you use it?
    What colour is it?

    it's a gorgeous bag but I know someone who would snap it up if you deide you don't want it
  3. ^ I know thats, why im in 2 minds about it!

    Its a silver one.
    Well I have just sold my neo because it was too in your face for me so, with the metallic shinyness of the miroir, i would be way too scared to use it. I know i would buy a glass cabinet and put it in there!

    Im scared using my other bags, which are much more low key! Ahh I dont know what to do!
  4. In my opinion if you really don't think you will use it, I would wait and get a different bag. For me, they had a gold miroir in my LV store and I tried it on and decided it was just too much for me. Now I just bought my first chanel bag instead. Of course, I'm still dreaming about buying a bag from the LV cruise collection - what is wrong with me???
  5. Emboosed Mirrors are not fragile so you don't need to worry about damage to much but it is in your face and it does attract a lot of attention you do get stared at and pointed at too lol I've had whole tables of people in resturants turning around to look and people stopping in the tracks on the street to stare so I'd agree it's not for the faint hearted it definately brings more attention than the fuschia denim but at the same time silver bags are very fashionable right now so you will see more silver bags (just not super shiney one's)

    LOL I'm not helping am I!!

    There are a lot of hot bags for winter and they will be coming in a month, I don't know I love the mirroir so personally I wouldn't hesitate but there is no point getting something if you don't think you'll use it.
  6. I think the miroir lockit is gorgeous but I know what you mean about it being very out there. I love it but would not buy one because I think it is too much for everyday use since I dress very casually when I am not working. It does look great though when it is worn with the right outfit! I would say pass if you are not sure since it is a lot of money.
  7. get it girl!!! it gorgeous trust me!~!!

    happy shopping:wlae::wlae::wlae:
  8. I think this is a beautiful bag, but if you aren't going to use it then I would say no, just get something that you will use. Go to the store and play around with it anyway you may come to love it.
  9. I too think that if you don't plan to use it (or sell it) that you should hold out for something that you will love. It is a lot of money!
  10. Pug~ I know how you feel. I sold my fuschia vernis bedford because it to was to "blingy" for me. I love the mirror on others...but for me, just not practical. If you don't love it, don't get it. Good luck with your decision....:sweatdrop:
  11. Yes and that person is.....................ME! :nuts:
  12. If you won't use it I think you should wait for a bag you will use. Besides, you may make someone else's day by declining it!
  13. GET ITT!!
    We could be the Brummy Miroir twins ... :rolleyes: LOL!
    hun it's stunning!
    You wont regret it,
    I'm taking mine out to selfridges next week!
    getttt ittttt ! LOL
  14. i love the miroir bags but it doesn't make sense to shell out so much $$$ for a bag you woudn't wear. that's why all of my bags are black - i like other colors but i wear black a lot, i couldn't justify spending so much money on a bag only to have it sitting in my closet.
  15. I'd want it too! LOL.
    It sounds like it's really not the kind of bag you would use. But if you can afford to have it just to look at, go ahead and get it :smile:
    If not, then be sure of yourself and pass on it :smile:. No regrets. What would you be regretting anyways? At not getting a bag you would never use?