LV Randonnee Question


May 26, 2010
Hi there! A question to those of you who own the randonnee -- which size do you have and is it good for traveling? I am considering purchasing one for a trip this fall. It looks like it would be a great carryon piece. Advice is welcome.


Jul 31, 2009
I have had both sizes...the petit is too large for an everyday bag, (at least it was for me) but was great for a day out with the kids, anytime I needed to pack extra clothes/bottles for them etc...
The large size is HUGE. I bought the large first, thinking that it could be used for the above, but it was WAY too big. It is definitely a luggage piece. I think it would make a perfect carryon, but you wouldn't get much use out of it if you're not travelling.
I LOVE the randonnee...I think the petit is my alltime favorite LV bag, it just wasn't functional for me. (The farthest I travel is to the grocery


Sep 27, 2012
I know this topic is from 2010 but I just want to ask something about the Randonnee GM. I want to purchase a red one in excellent condition but I'm not sure whether it is too big or too small to be a school/book bag. I'm going to UK in the next few months and I want a bag that can carry books, binders,... is Randonnee GM too big or too small? I'm also interested in Noé Epi... What would you guys think? Hopefully, someone can still read this haha.