LV Random Acts of Kindness Gift Exchange Spring 2007 Sign-Up & Rules

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    LV Random Acts of Kindness Gift Exchange Spring 2007

    What it is:
    This program is similar to a "secret santa" gift exchange. You will be randomly assigned a buddy who you can send small gifts to this Spring, through the postal mail. You can search for threads posted by your buddy to get an idea of what they may like. You can send cards, sweets, trinkets, magazines, books, cosmetics, goodies, etc., anything you think would be fun to brighten his/her day! You can decorate the packages/envelopes using LV themes. The goal is to perform a "random act of kindness" for another person!

    This program for active TPF members who regularly post in Louis Vuitton Forums only. PM me if you are not sure if you qualify. If you want to participate in this exchange, you will be expected to send one or more small gifts to your assigned buddy over the next 3 months (March-May 2007), ideally one per month or more. You may reveal your identity to them at any time, beginning or end. You will be expected to post pictures and/or descriptions of gifts you receive from your buddy for the enjoyment of other participants. Participants from any country may enter. You will be matched up with a buddy who agrees to send mail to your region. There is no spending limit or suggestion, it is your choice. Obviously, you are not expected to send LV merchandise as gifts!

    How to enter:
    PM me stefania (aka Stefanie F.) your e-mail and postal mail address. If you do not feel comfortable sending your full name, you can just use your TPF screen name (if the mail can be delivered this way) or your initials (like Anna S. or A. Smith). Please be sure I will not distribute your information to anyone except for your buddy and I will discard the information you send me after I match you up. Please specify your preference for the region your buddy lives in, for example, USA only, UK only, Canada only, N. America only, Asia or Europe, etc. Please keep in mind postal costs if you are thinking of sending large gifts. If you have no preference, and would send to any buddy worldwide, specify International OK.

    How to participate:
    1. PM me (stefania) your e-mail address, postal address, and full name or initials and partial name if possible. Also specify if you are male or female, and your regional preference for your buddy (list countries you will mail to) or International OK if you have no preference. All entries must be received by Feb. 21 to participate in this giveaway!

    2. I will e-mail you the information for your buddy by March 1. You can research your buddy's preferences on TPF posts, or prepare to send them any fun gifts you think they will like. Participants are encouraged to use LV themes to decorate the envelopes/packaging if possible. (Think stickers, ribbons, old LV bags and boxes, magazine clippings, drawings of symbols, LV color themes and fonts, computer printouts, etc.)

    3. Over the next 3 months (March-May 2007), please send your buddy small gifts and/or cards for their enjoyment! You can send one a month, one a week, one at the beginning and one at the end, or whatever you want! If you notice a sad post by your buddy in the forum, maybe you want to cheer them up! Or if you see a happy post you can congratulate them. You can choose to reveal your identity at any time during the giveaway, it is your preference.

    4. You will be receiving gifts from a different buddy in the mail! When you receive gifts from your buddy, please post pictures and/or descriptions of them in the special "Reveal" thread we will start.

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