LV quilted leather bag... how much are they in US?

  1. One of them is this:

    I know they come in different shapes and sizes.

    How much are they?
  2. Have no idea but sure it will be expensive ;p
  3. I saw...but I can't remember! I know they were like 2 thousand something though!
  4. My guess is 3K and up. Vienna line was made of similar leather and it was US$2700.00 and up almost two years ago.
  5. I love that bag! But damn, it will be expensive!
  6. Really pretty.
  7. I saw these in real life and they are really really nice - especially to touch! The leather is soooo soft!

    The bags will range from about $2500 - $3400. A little too expensive to give as a Vday gift to the girlfriend!