LV question ?????

  1. Hi,

    My name is Irina and I am a new member.

    First I think this website is great.

    I have a dilemma. I fell in love and purchased an LV Epi leather 25 speedy bag in black and I wore it a few times and the bag is in excellent condition brand new. Although it’s a beautiful bag, it is very uncomfortable, since you can only hold it in your hand and if you put a lot of things in it, it is heavy to hold in the hand. Although I like the way it looks, I think I should sell it on eBay. These bags go for about 400 bucks. Is it worth it to sell it or not for this price? Or keep it because it’s a classic.

  2. Welcome, I would hold on to the purse -you are only going to loose money if you resell it!!!

    $400 for a used one I hope, I know the retail on these is much higher in the LV boutique.

    Like you said, keep it - it's a classic!!!

    Post photos, we love seeing everyone's collection...again, welcome!!!
  3. Thanks
    I think i will keep it. Its a better idea then loosing money.
  4. Welcome! I would keep it. You just may need a black bag and you'll lose more than half your money.
  5. Welcome to the forum. Please keep the speedy. Some day, you might decide that you need it.
  6. ITA Welcome to the forum!
  7. Welcome, I would keep it for sure rather than lose money on it
  8. Welcome. I agree with the others suggestion to keep it because the design is classic as previously said.
  9. You might want to look into getting a shoulder strap for it. Many people don't like a Speedy with a strap, but if the strap makes the difference between using it and having it sit in your closet, it might be well worth it. You can take the strap off and keep it in the bag when you want a handheld bag.
  10. ITA!! :yes:
  11. Keep it. It's a beautiful, classic style. No sense in selling such a new bag at such a loss.:confused1:
  12. agree!!
  13. Keep it, the bag is fabulous!
  14. I think you should keep it. $400 not worth for a bag condition like brand new.
  15. keep it! its a cute bag, and you can use it for days when you have a light load of stuff!