LV question...stupid, but a question nonetheless.

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  1. Is the monogram canvas made from real leather?
    *waits to be laughed at*
  2. No its not leather. Its monogram CANVAS LOL. Dont worry, no such thing as a stupid question.
  3. Not a stupid question!
    Doesn't exactly look like a pair of canvas Keds - it's hard to tell what it is!
  4. Not stupid! I didn't know for the longest time til I started getting interested in LV!
  5. Then what is it made of? Regular canvas? It feels different though...or maybe that's just me...
  6. It's regular canvas and then they add a coating on the canvas to make it waterproof. That is what Mr. Vuitton was famous for, his waterproof trunks back in the day.
  7. Your amongst friends, so you can ask anything you want !! LOL
  8. I think they call it "treated canvas"-- the handles and trim are of course leather :smile:
  9. Ditto!

    I don't know about you, but the chicks in my neighborhood (Chicago north shore) are super-snooty, mean, and unfortunately, rich. You can't actually talk about handbags -- you strut your stuff like an egotistical peacock. If I asked a question similar to yours, these chicks would get this nasty look on their faces (like there's dog poo somewhere close by) and proceed to ridicule you. I got that very attitude the first time I visited a Chanel boutique and asked, "Is caviar leather something new this year?"

    You're among friends here. This board is such a great place, and for me, the camaraderie here is something I can't get "in real life," in a manner of speaking. You will not be judged. :smile:
  10. WOW! I am very impressed with the knowledge on this blog, I have a good feeling that I will learn a lot being a new bag collector and all!
  11. I thought it was leather at first too until I thought about "canvas" in "monogram canvas". Not a stupid question.
  12. I know right, you think it was leather for the price. Just the handles.
  13. I'm miffed, too. How do they "treat" the canvas? Is there like a plastic coating?
  14. Thank you guys :smile:

    I just always wondered, but I was too embarassed to ask the SA's at the LV boutique.

    I don't feel so stupid afterall, because you know what? it sure doesn't look or feel like canvas to me....but it doesn't feel like leather either...

  15. The fact that it's coated canvas is one of the reasons why I've had such a hard time getting into LV.... I finally broke down and got a cerise sac plat. But I don't know if I'll become hooked...