LV question, answer please !!!

  1. I just bought my first LV i am so happy, it is Popicourt Haut, i love it. There are no LV stores where i live, i had to travel 8 hours to get it, it was worth it though. When i was there i fell in love with some other purses that i really want. Anyways, my question to you experts is, are Monogram Multicolore and Monogram Canvas allways in year-round ??? To some of you this might sound as a stupid question, but i am fairly new to the LV, and Multicolore and Monogram are my favorite. Thank you !!!
  2. Yes :yes:
  3. Welcome to the forum and yes they are year round items..
  4. yes, and it is definetly not a stupid question :yes:
  5. Congrats on your purchase, enjoy! Mono & MC will always be in but I think mono is more popular
  6. Welcome to TPF!:flowers:
    Yes, you can wear them year round!
  7. Year round for sure!!
  8. damn thats a long haul for a bag, but on a good note glad you're happy with your purchase.. Congrat's.
  9. absolutely!
  10. Year round and for monogram many more years to come..
  11. welcome!! and yes, do whatever makes you feel best :biggrin:
  12. Thank you all for answering my questions, and to make it more clear i did mean if they sell year round, not if they are in to wear. Sorry, just clearing that up. Thanks again !!!
  13. Just saw your other thread, and now I understand what you're asking.

    Yes, both mono canvas and multicolore are permanent lines and are sold year round.
  14. Yay, congrats on your purchase and welcome!!! And, may I ask, what are you planning to buy from the MC or Mono lines? :graucho: Everything's sooo cute!
  15. Yep, and you don't have to open a new thread to comment again, just stick to your original ! :yes: