LV Purse with feet???

  1. I saw this girl with a petite bucket at the mall earlier and the vachetta was still pretty light, and i saw the bottom of the bag and it had "feet". i was wondering if this particular model does have feet?

    or do any of the LV Purses (not luggage) have feet??:confused1:

    T I A
  2. Do a search on here about LV bags with feet. They're all fake.
  3. Buckets have feet. :yes: I used to own a petit bucket; it had feet.
  4. if i'm not mistaken the bucket does have feet. i don't own one but i looked at one irl at the boutique. anyone who has this who can confirm? :search:

  5. Some bags suppose to have feet like duomo, bucket, etc..

    petite buckets should have feet..:yes:
  6. I saw a Josephine with "feet".
  7. I wasn't aware the some LV bags have feet. I too, also thought that when I saw feet it instantly meant it was a fake. Hmmm, I guess I learned something new today. :smile:
  8. I think the old discontinued alma long has feets.

    Hey Its my 1111 posting.
  9. ^^Yeah, the buckets have feet. Wish they put them on all their bags.
  10. I've seensauthentic buckets w/ feet!
  11. Some bag models do have feet. Off the top of my Petite Bucket and Theda GM have feet.
  12. Yup, as others have stated, it is normal for bags like the Bucket to have feet. The Speedy, for example, is a bag that doesn't have feet.
  13. The Suhali Lockit's have feet!
  14. Beverlys, Suhali Lockits, Velvet Chains, Motaigne Sac and PM, Satellite, Knightsbridge, Tobago Carryall, Perfo Trocadero, Bucket, and Highbury all have FEET
  15. Baggy Pm's have feet as well...