LV purse that's Limited edition???

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  1. How do i find out a limited edition or discontinued purse was sold for?? Like this LV ANOUCHKA MM???


    I would like to find out the retail price of bags that are disc and rare, limited edition???!! Help please...
  2. I hate to say it but maybe Ebay? Just be careful and be sure it's authentic.
  3. wow that piece is beautiful!

    sorry i can't help you with the prices though. i would suggest looking through past ebay listings and seeing if the seller listed the retail
  4. I need to find the price that was sold for when it was available in LV i know how much i should pay for it
  5. yeah i tried that but since it's so rare and limited there hasnt been any sold.
  6. maybe you could take a picture into the boutique next time you go get of the SAs might remember it.
  7. hmm how about calling 866vuitton and seeing if they can give you an estimate?

    good luck!
  8. Does anyone have the catalogue with this line of purses?? I know it came in 3 sizes If anyone can they scan them to post please??!!!
  9. Can't you Special Order it? That may be an option.