LV purple vernis with which bbag???

  1. Hi ladies,
    I love wearing my rouge city along iwth my LV pomme accessories in it! .. I wana do this again with other colored BBags ..
    LV is coming out with purple accessories for SS08 so i want a purple bbag .. i love the lilac color but i love the SGH on the violet bags!! .. wouldnt a lilac bag with SGH be just grand? .. anyway .. if you were getting the LV purple vernis accessories (praying for a lilac-t lavender-y purple!!) .. which bbag would YOU consider?? lilac or violet? .. RH or SGH for the violet? .. city? step? part time? ...
    TIA!!!! :heart:
  2. tough choice! I love LV accessories in any bbag! Black multicolor looks fantastic inside my Violet First.

    A Violet SGH PT would be amazing...i've seen one on here, look at the Five Star Violet Club!!
  3. love violet and lilac :sad: what to do? anyone else?
  4. i personally prefer contrasting colours as opposed to too-matchy colours. purple goes with yellow, green, red and blue too.
  5. I would get a violet city in regular hardware or a violet part time or work in silver giant hw.
    I can't wait to see the purple vernis accessories from LV! WOW!