LV purchase with Saks


It's never enough
Oct 5, 2007
Help pleaseeee......I am interested in purchasing an Azur Hampstead PM using a Saks EGC that I've got recently. However, my local Saks does not carry LV. I tried calling a couple of other saks stores and they all required seeing the gift card in person meaning I would have to mail it to them. I feel that it is a lil risky mailing the card out because if the card is lost or stolen, saks will not replace it and this is a $400 gift card. Does anyone know a Saks store that carries LV that would be willing to take EGC over the phone (by reading to them the pin number)? Any help is appreciated. Thanks everyone.


Sep 15, 2006
I believe they all require the gift cards in person for some reason. You can mail it to them and make sure you write down the gift card number and pin, in case god forbid it does get lost in the mail, you can always use it online. Good luck.


May 16, 2007
unfortunately i think it's saks' policy to require a gift card be sent to the store for redemption. i did actually have a gift card lost in the mail (actually it arrived at the store according to the tracking information, and then was "lost" somewhere between arriving at the mail room and getting to my sa). i'd highly, highly suggest using a tracking service (usps or fedex), and NOT sending it in a plain white envelope, no matter how well concealed. the card i send using a bubbly yellow envelope arrived safely. if you need a name of a nice saks sa, please pm me - she's been great on the phone (i've never met her in person) and has helped me locate items from other stores in the past.