LV purchase goals!

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  1. I'm very new to LV. FRESH. I'm a working girl in Manhattan (forced to pay high Manhattan rent prices) so my collection will start SLOWLY.

    So...It's Mid August now and by the end of 2006 I would like to own:

    Manhattan PM
    Mono Koala Wallet
    MC Small Agenda

    Comes to just over $2000 for all of it. I can do it!

    What are your goals? long term and short for LV this year?
  2. I want a medium mat agenda or red epi agenda
    a black epi alma
  3. OOH. I have a fresh list w/ new additions :graucho:

    1. Damier Saleya MM
    2. Damier Azur (have not decided on a style yet)
    3. Mono Tulum GM
    4. Mono Leonor
  4. I'm new too! I own two LV's, a monogram petite bucket and my new recently purchased red vernis small agenda.

    What I would love to have is
    1) Cerises cherry speedy ( my ultimate WANT )
    2) Mono speedy 25 or 30
    3) White MC trouville ( held it on my hands the other day, love it! )
    4) Either mono, vernis red, or vernis pink pouchette cles.

    I also really like the damier belem, but would want all of the above more.
  5. total in my elux shopping cart is $8000 LOL + my discontinued's my list:

    1. Graffiti items
    khaki pochette, silver pochette, silver speedy

    2. Cherry blossom
    red/cream pochette, brown/pink pochette, 1 papillon, 1 retro, at least one cles (they're kinda hard to find)

    3. Batignolles regular and horizontal
    4. black MC speedy
    5. papillon 30
    6. manhattan pm
    7. a regular mono belt
    8. mono mini lin speedy 30 when they come out
    9. damier azur speedy 30 when they come out
    10. groom cles when they come out

    ummmm...I know there is more but can't remember off the top of my head lol
  6. Hmm...before the year end there are 3 items I'm looking at:

    1. Black Epi Passy
    2. Suhali Sienne Lockit
    3. Damier Azur Speedy 25
  7. shoes and accessories
  8. I have about 5 LV's currently on my Wish List.

    1. L'Ingenieux PM
    2. L'Epanoui GM
    3. Multicoloure Speedy 30
    4. MC Hudson
    5. Vernis Bedford

    There are also a few others i'm after, but these are the five i'm working on for now lol!
  9. I´m fresh in a sense that I don´t have any LV, but that´s only because we don´t get LV in shops here and elux doesn´t ship here. My favorite is the Vernis line so def. something from there.

    I want these some day
    Monogram Vernis koala wallet (framboise)
    An agenda, maybe Small ring agenda (perle/framboise)
    Reade PM (rouge)
    Brentwood (any damn color:lol:)
    Key and change holder (perle)

    Also love the Inclusion stuff:heart: Epi Alma or Passy GM:girlsigh:Perforated clees :love:
  10. I'm kinda new too. :yes:
    I have MC Pochette.

    Here are what I'm getting, hopefully soon enough. :wlae:
    [as my current list]

    1. epi pochette (pretty soon:lol: )
    2. Koala card holder wallet
    3. Revoleta, Ravello PM, or Tribeca long.
    4. Biscayne Bay PM, or Malibu Street

    Hopefully, I don't end up getting everything I list as options in #3 & 4. :nuts:
  11. Blue denim Mini Pleaty
    Black Suhali Le Fab
    Plum Suhali agenda
    White and Pink Inclusion Speedy Keychains
    Pastilles Keychain
    Groom Round Cles
    Miroir Speedy in Silver
    Miroir Pochette in Silver
    Miroir Pochette in Gold

    Long term-
    Cherry Blossom Papillon in Red/Creme
    Vienna Mizi in Plum
    Robert Wilson orange Reade PM or Lexington
  12. I've have a mono accessories pouch. speedy 25 that I'm contemplating on giving my sis, mono PTI wallet, a perfo cles, that I don't like anymore. (I know I'm terrible)
    I plan on getting a whole new setup when I get my bonus money next month

    Cabas Piano
    Koala agenda
    another cles not sure which one

    Then I'm going to scout ebay for something limited, and I hope I will be satisfied for a while.
  13. My only goal to get hopefully in a month or 2???

    Suhali Lockit PM in Sienne

    It is my new dream bag, and i MUST have one! :yahoo:

  14. ^^Hello? How could I forget.

    **Also praying for a Suhali Le Fabuleux.... one day...some day :rolleyes: