LV pumps comfy??

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  1. I'm really loving the Oh Really and Candice pumps. Just wondering what your thoughts are on LV pumps/shoes in general. :smile:
  2. They run small imo..
  3. I find the Oh Really pumps so cute with the mini padlock design at the back and it doesn't scream LV too. I like the Claudia pumps more than the Candice though.
  4. ^^^ ita DisCo. i'm leaning more towards the oh really pumps. it doesn't scream lv at all and the back is just too cute!

  5. I cant fit them to tell you but they are cute--they run NARROW
  6. Hiya "P"! Yes, their pumps are super-duper comfy. Take it from me cause I get blisters really easily on my feet and I am heavy. But LV pumps are really good!
  7. ^^^ thanks n! :hugs: i remember you got a whole bunch of lv shoes not too long ago. yay!
  8. I'm also getting those pumps....I can't wait :smile:
  9. Those are hot as you know what!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no helpful info besides that :P

  10. yay!! post modeling pictures when you get it please ;)

  11. :roflmfao: hot as what? what? hmmmmm....... :thinking: :roflmfao:
  12. Cute - yes! Comfy - heck no!

    I have wide feet, however, so no pumps seem to be really comfy for me.
  13. I dont own a pair of the closed toe pumps. I do have some peep toe pumps and they are comfortable.
  14. IMO LV shoes are very comfortable. I have pumps & a pair of Vernis sneakers.
  15. oooh vernis sneakers :nuts:

    seems they're more comfy if you have narrow feet, which i do. will have to check them out irl. they're not too much for work right? i work in a conservative field...