LV pumps $175 at secondhand store

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  1. I saw some my size, tried them on and they fit perfectly. They are pink pleated satin pumps with black lace and a black bow and heel. The only issue is one of the shoes has some slight scuffs in the satin. The boutique sells only authentic second hand merchandise (it's located in Edina, MN) and I looked over the shoes carefully and they seems very well made but I'm no expert...yet. They had originally been $350 at the used store, but were marked down to $175 cause they haven't sold. Is it worth it despite the pulls in the satin? I spend $175 on jeans without batting an eye, so is $175 a good deal for these despite the damage? I KNOW I love them, and they fit great, but I've never spent so much on shoes before...yet.

    BTW I'm new, hope to learn some and start posting more.
  2. Those are Balmoral's. They are counterfeited so just make sure they are authentic. They were in the $600 range new. It would be worth it to buy them for $175, scuffed or not. They'd be good bar shoes. Still hot, but okay to walk all over beer soaked floors.
  3. Thanks a lot!!

    Can you give me any tips on authenticating them? I'm really good with telling designer jeans but haven't ventured into handbags or shoes yet. I've never seen any fake stuff at the store even though it's secondhand, but I do need help learning how to tell real from fake.
  4. Can you take pictures? There are a lot of experts here.
  5. The shoes should have a date code in them. I am guessing it would be from 2004?
  6. I can take pictures, but if you tell me what signs to look for to tell real from fake, I've got a pretty good eye, I just need practice.
    They look just like these, and as far as I can tell they were made well, unlike fakes, the materials were fine, put together professionally etc. What else do I need to watch out for?
  7. julibean, i know you spend mucho on jeans so just do it!! the fact that you're still thinking about them means that you really really want them! JUST DO IT!!!

    welcome to the forum :smile: nice to see a familiar name
  8. Thanks Nancy!! I'm really exited! I just need to get some cash somehow (mom was NOT pleased at the idea of me buying them)
  9. please message me the name, address, and telephone number of this place. id be interested to see the place. im from mn too. i wouldnt take the shoes or anything, i live about 2 hours from edina, i mite stop by the place when going to the cities tho.
  10. Those are faked a lot like a previous poster said. Also, LV shoes say 38 1/2 as opposed to 8 1/2 or 8.5 for the sizing. Plus they should have LV and made in stamp on bottom of the shoe, I am pretty sure. On the sole should spell out LOUIS VUITTON paris.
  11. Alright, I'll message you, some stuff there is GREAT but a lot seems to be aimed at an older audience, for instance, my mother shops there... (I'm only 17)
  12. Okay I've had several people tell me they're faked, but no one has told me how to tell the difference between real and fake. I'd appreciate tips please.

  13. I've seen tons of knockoffs (those without Louis Vuitton written inside)...but I don't think I've ever seen any that actually had the tags and LV markings. I may be wrong though...:shrugs:

    Check out this auction for what the inside of the shoe is supposed to look like. And the bottoms should look like this. Hope that helps!
  14. Thanks a lot elle, those links are very helpful. You scored some GORGEOUS shoes!! How much did you get yours for?
  15. I just looked over those links again and the ones at the store looked exactly the same, same color, same placement of the size stamp etc. I'm really optimistic, just not sure if the price is worth it cause of the damage.