LV Pumpkin and Snowman Keychains?!

  1. I noticed someone posted a picture from the new LV look book recently, and I was wondering if anyone had any images/more information about the new pumpkin and snowman keychains for the fall. I know Hermes has done these before and I'm excited about LV doing them!! :nuts: Is the pumpkin going to be in epi mandarin? Is the snowman going to be vernis pearl? If anyone can give me ANY information I would be ever so happy!! :love:
  2. I would love to know, too!:amuse:
  3. I'm so eager to see both IRL!:nuts:
  4. Rose,
    where's the post?I'd love to see this..
  5. I Can't Wait To See These
  6. I can't wait to see photos:nuts:
  7. The post that discusses all the new stuff for the fall is called "what is in and what is out", just so you know
  8. No pictures will be available for a while.
  9. Khoi, I haven't seen any pics of these keychains...but I'm so curious to see how lovely they look :biggrin: .