LV PTI Red Groom

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  1. I was thinking about getting one of these wallets for my husband. Is this wallet considered to be feminine or can guys pull this off? Thanks

  2. It's kinda big. I'm not sure if a guy could pull it off unless he's always carrying a bag to hold it in. But if he's ok with it, I don't see anything wrong with it.
  3. Groom is unisex... as for this wallet, it might be a little too big for his everyday use, unless he uses a messenger bag he could stick this wallet into? :shrugs:
  4. :yes:
  5. Ooopsie... Kuuipo627 I didn't see your post... I wasn't trying to copy you... I swear!!! :sweatdrop:
  6. i agree with the others in that the pti would be a tad bit big. maybe the smaller one (zippy?)?
  7. I personally wouldn't recommend this one for a guy. I'd actually get the blue Compact Zippe instead.
  8. red groom should b in pochette design, not PTI.....
  9. I think too big and a little to femine to be honest. Where would he put it? It's the same size as a PTI even though it's a pochette style - but I don't think unless he carries some sort of man's "purse" like a messenger or something. To be really honest, if I saw a man with his wife and pull out this wallet I would think he was paying with his wife's wallet. How about a more traditional man's wallet? He might like that better. It's lovely for you to be so sweet to him. They have some really nice men's wallets that might be really nice for him.
  10. Hmm that is a pochette wallet, not a PTI. I think its way to feminine for a guy IMO.
  11. I think it is too feminine. My DH would never wear it.
  12. :yes:agree!
  13. I suggest the Zippy Organizer. I own one myself and I find it to be very functional. There's room for cash, cards, a pen, notes, and even a pocket agenda insert. I usually carry mine in a bag or in the large pocket of a jacket. I've received many compliments. I always see many men carrying the plain (not LV) agendas in their hands and I figured I'd be different.

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  14. Thanks Guys. He uses an LV Cup Messenger bag for work. I do think that the Red Groom is too feminine but he loves the way it looks.

    LV&Lexus07- I think he would like the Green Zippy. Do you guys think that is more masculine? Thanks
  15. If he loves it then get it and it sounds like he won't have a problem throwing it into his messenger bag. My brother has a Damier wallet that is long like that one (it's either the Brazza or credit-card holder, not sure) and he just sticks it in the back pocket of his jeans when he's not at work and it sticks out a bit but it's fine.