LV Private Party worth it?

  1. I was invited for the first time and I do not like to drive at night cause I have an hour drive. Since the party is at 6pm my question is for all of you that have attended these events, are they worth it?

    I do need to pick up my Tivoli, but I was thinking of doing it in the afternoon. Should I wait and go to the party?
  2. totally, I have been to so many. Lots to see and buy!
  3. I was invited to one too and I'm definitely going to go. Even if I don't buy anything it will be fun to look around. It's my first event as well.
  4. L2BB, I wish I were you! I would love to get that invitation. Go, go, go!
  5. I am going to mine next thursday, will post pics of what I get ;)
  6. just go for fun. May find some that are interesting you
  7. I dont think my one friend is going, are you going to be in the area?

    I guess I will go then!
  8. I say go,i would go to one if i was invited.
  9. I would try to go. It is worth it to see all the LV's actually being worn, as you may find something looks totally different when it is on someone that you hadn't even considered before. Also, the events are done very well - champagne, good hors d'oeuvres!
  10. I would try to go as well, it could be a blast!
    If I was close to you I would love to tag along with you and do the driving!
  11. I was at one this past weekend and it was really nice. But if you don't feel safe driving at night, it's not worth the risk. Can you take someone with you perhaps?
  12. I don't like to go to them....I get too tempted to splurge!
  13. I am going to my first one on Thursday as well and I am very excited! Since I have never been invited before I can't really advise you though on what you would be missing KWIM? If your safety is as risk then I would say that has to come first.
  14. You are so wonderful for considering me! :flowers:Thank you. I have school Wed night. If only it were another night. Please go and report back to us!
  15. Totally go I'm going to mine and it's a 2 hours drive

    Not everyone gets to go to these so you should make the most of your oppotunity