LV Private Event w/celebrities - anyones been to one?

  1. Hello,

    I am wondering if any of you ladies and gents have ever been invited to an LV party with celebrities and media? What is it like? Is it more dressier than the regular private events?

    I am invited to one that is hopefully scheduled for August. They were supposed to have it in July. They are having problems coordinating with the celebrity schedules. Apparently my SA said a famous supermodel will be there but I don't want to confirm it until I get the invite.

    I can't wait! Until then....
  2. Congrats......don't forget to bring your "spy camera" with you and share with us !!!!!
  3. lol yes, we need lotsa pix! I'm sure it'll be VERY exciting!

    As for me, I've never been to one held at LV. My local boutique rarely has parties/events at all lol
  4. How cool is that!!!
  5. Very cool indeed!
  6. Sounds like a great time! I've only been to the Christmas event at my store. And I thought that was fun. You will def. have to take pics for us. Please keep us updated!
  7. Absolutely to die for! Can't wait to hear all about it!
  8. You have to update us!
  9. How fun!
    No one famous has been at my store's parties.
  10. Congrats, have a blast!

    San Jose isn't exactly of hot spot for even though we have quite a few events, there are no celebs. I usually get invite to the SF events, too...but am way to lazy to trek to 'the city'...but have heard there are usually at least a couple of celebs there.
  11. ^^Haha neither is San Diego. I think the only face I recognized was the guy who announces the horse races at Del Mar. one I knew.
  12. my store is in manhattan but i have only been invited to reg. events and haven't had a chance to go :sad: i'm hoping i'll be able to go next week though.
  13. All my parties I go to have football/basketball players, so yeah in a way famous people lol.
  14. ^^^ the only pro sports team we have here in San Jose is hockey....some how I can't see a hockey player at an LV
  15. I haven't been to one with celebs (unless you count Daniel Lightfoot as a celeb - anyone heard of him? :p), but I'm so excited for you! As travelbliss said, please bring your "spy" camera :p