LV Private Christmas Cocktail in Oslo

  1. I attended the Private Christmas Cocktail at the LV store here in Oslo last Friday(Nov 30). It was great! Bought another shawl and the rouge porte-monnaie rond. Each guest were given a scented candle and the cruise collection catalogue. But other than that, I was also given an LV flip-book (Tour Eiffel):yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:!
    lv_xmas_invite.JPG lv_xmas_invite2.JPG lv_scarf.JPG lv_scarf_.JPG lv_mlc_rond.JPG
  2. more pics... :smile::smile::smile:
    lv_xmas_goodies1.JPG lv_candle.JPG lv_flipbook_eiffel1.JPG lv_flipbook2.JPG lv_flipbook3.JPG
  3. Beautiful purchases, congrats! I hope you had a great time..sounds like you did!
  4. ooooh, i got the same invitation :o) i'm going on the 16th in basel
  5. Great purchases!
    I love the Rond it's so cute!
  6. So cute I thought it was good when I got a free luggage tag but the candle and the book rock!

    Love the shawl & Rond too I'm loving the cruise collection you too based on al your cruise goodies? getting the shoes?
  7. Glad you had a great time....And you got to take home some nice goodies too !! Congrats !!!!
  8. wow.... i like your goodies.. like the rond especially! congrats on getting them!

    i cant wait to go to my store party on 22nd december and i heard we will be getting scented candles too.. so i'm guessing that would be the same as yours!
  9. Wow, I love the shawl ... great purchases, congrats!
  10. Thanks, Claire:smile:. I was told by my SA that they're coming out with the cruise sneakers, as well. Is this true? I didn't see anything on your thread regarding the sneakers. Only saw the others you posted. Can't really wear anything with high heels since I have an ankle injury:crybaby:. Most of my shoes are flat....
  11. How fun! mine is tomorrow!
  12. thanks everyone!!! the scented candle smells heavenly!
  13. the shawl is stunning :yes: thanks for sharing. i wonder if they're also giving away candles here in Melbourne tonight :confused1:
  14. thanks! you'd probably get the scented candles, as well.
  15. i wonder what will they give away tomorrow in Michigan.