LV prices

  1. I was curious, because it's my first time and I really want to know how much I'm gonna have to save.

    If I get the prices on eluxury in euro, i that the correct price I will pay in the shops? Do I have to pay extra taxes on that price?

    Anyone who lives in Europe and doesn't mind me asking: how much for speedy azur or pochette azur or pochette monogram?

    Thnx a lot xXx
  2. If you go on the site, and choose France, they have the prices in euros. Anywhere outside of France will be from 5-20 euros more than that price, depending on the item and location. Those prices include taxes, I believe.
  3. you will pay much less in europe than the prices you see on eluxury. the price you see on the tag is the final price as the tax is calculated into the price already.
  4. oh well that's good news! :jammin: