LV prices

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  1. In case you did not know, LV is raising prices (again) very soon. I went to the LV store last night to put my name on the list for the Damier Speedy and inquired how much it might cost. The SA did not know, but told me that prices are going up again. :evil:
  2. :sad: :weird: :cry: Would you happen to know how soon? Sometime this year? When I purchased my last pet louie, there were layered price tags. i bought my louie for $1300. underneath that, it read $1270 then underneath that it read $1170! holy moly!
  3. this is ridiculous!!
    LV is the company making the most profit, why do they keep raising the prices?? :mad:
  4. They raise their prices every year.. 6% increases. :\
  5. Maybe they hate consumers? ;)

    It is frustrating, but clearly they get away with it since so many of us are obsessed with LV bags.
  6. This could be a good excuse for buying a couple of LVs. "But honey, they're raising their prices soon so I had to hurry and buy it!" :P
  7. You're so right, I'm using that one!! :biggrin: :biggrin:
  8. eBay has pretty much destroyed my concept of bag pricing, I mean, you can often pick up a lightly used bag for lots of $$$ less, which is kind of upsetting but awesome at the same time !
  9. Yes. Any person of sound mind would not spend EVEN MORE for Vuitton....except obsessed people like me! I'm happy I bought my Abbesses while it was still only $1,000. :amuse:
  10. :sad:

    Oh well. I will still buy.
  11. they are ridiculous, i will never buy again from vuitton.
    the bags at the end are always the same, nothing justifies the raising price.
  12. Anyone here know when they will increase the price? Let's say if I buy a speedy this weekend, do you think the price has gone up already?
  13. That makes me sad. I wanted to save up a the damier speedy, it's not good to know the prices are going up. Makes me want to just get the monogram speedy instead before prices rise.
  14. The price increase is not to piss off consumers (though it has that effect) it has to do with the economy and the exchange rate between USD and EUR.
  15. Layered price tags? You bought your's from the boutique? I have never seen any Louis Vuitton boutiques put prices on their product (even when you purchase it!) even when you purchase it all it comes with are two tags (one with style name and one with what it's made of) and a care/info booklet if it's a special line.

    What exactly did you purchase?