LV prices went up today!!!

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  1. Well, I just checked Eluxury and wow the prices did go up today...

    Speedy 25 went from $540 to $565!!! I should've bought one before the price hike!:evil: :evil: :evil:

    And Speedy 30's are now $585!!! It was only $560!!! Yikes...

    So mad!! I knew it was coming but just looking at the prices really made me angry!!! Sorry, I just had to vent! :shame:
  2. Did you happen see the price for the MC Theda GM?
  3. I have a few of the smaller items in my cart (pocket organizer, ludlow wallet and three ring organizer) and amazingly enough these all stayed the same price.
  4. Wow! The MC Theda GM is now $2480!!! :wacko:

    Mono Poppincourt Haut now... $785
    Mono Alma is now.... $835
  5. I just bought a potre tresor off ebay last night for $300 and I was happy about the deal. I found out that they are now going for $450 so I'm even happier now. Before the increase they were $425

    I'm sad about the babylone. i have always wanted that bag. It was 990 before, now its over the $1000 mark and i don't think I can do it.

    I think I may have to sell one of my old bags if i really want a new one.
  6. I'm like a broken record already but ....... not loving LV these days ... you can add this to my reasons why ....
  7. Batignolles went from $750 to 775.
  8. YUP! The day is finally here. We talked about it for weeks... maybe even months now... It'll just take some time for us to get used to the prices and we'll be back at it! *pat pat on the back* everything will be fine.
  9. :cry: :cry: :cry: Should of taken the plunge!
  10. :sad2: thats okies... i guess we just have to save a tiny bit longer for the next piece!
  11. I know!!! I really wanted a Batignolles vertical :cry: That must mean that the wallets went up as well, even more sad...:cry:
  12. I ordered a few small pieces before the hike. Even though my wallet is unhappy, I am not :biggrin:
    Urgh on the extra 15.00 bucks or so on many of the bigger items.
  13. I've checked on the French LV online store, the prices didn't seem to go up...
    I guess it's because it already went up on january 1st in France: It went like 15 euro up
  14. The HI price will probably look like the old LV prices for the continent. So come down to HI for a trip :lol:
  15. Come on guys, if you are paying $500+ on a bag how would a $25 difference be that bad!! no offense to anyone!!