LV prices- US or Europe?

  1. Are the prices of LVs better in Europe or N.America? Because lots of the french designers are still a little bit cheaper in the US. America.
    What about after the price increases? I'm not sure if they are doing them in the US yet....
  2. Definitely cheaper in Europe, and LV is cheapest in France ! :smile:
  3. kk, so thats where i should go!! Thanx!
  4. just go to and choose france, then go to e-shopping and you'll be able to see all the prices in € in France and compare them to eLuxury, that makes me happy I'm in Europe...
  5. LUCKY YOU!!! I want to go to Europe SO BAD!!!:cry:
  6. It's so much fun.. and think of all the money you'd save while there on bags ! :amuse:
  7. I want to go to the US SO BAD!!!:cry: I can't wait for the summer when I get to go home!!!
  8. Why didnt I think of that!! lol, I hope it will make me want to save up for one!!
  9. :lol: :lol: :lol: Yes, but how would I get them back into Canada?!:graucho:
  10. I guess grass is always greener on the other side!:lol: Where abouts in Europe are you? I am suppose to go and visist my sister in law in Brussels within the next few weeks.
  11. Don't forget the VAT refund if you live outside of the EU! Makes it even more affordable that way.
  12. I'm in Europe also...Portugal exactly, but I don't know if it's better buying here than back home in the U.S.... Everything here in Portugal seems much more expensive and the Louis Vuitton boutiques are like 3 1/2 hours away because they're in Lisbon....Maybe they might have similar prices since the currency is the same and the economies are similar--
    Does anyone have any clue?? :amuse: It would be really helpful because I'll be going back to the US in about a month..:smile:
  13. Oh...we are so on the same boat! :cry:
  14. the price increase in the US is because the US Dollar is so damn weak in conversion to the Euro.. which therefore makes LV in Europe MUCH cheaper.

    However, people in Asia shopping in the US have a far better conversion (yen or whatever to US Dollar) and things are WAY cheaper in the US than in Asia.

    lesson here:
    US --> Europe = more expensive
    Europe --> US = a bit cheaper?
    US --> Asia = WAY more expensive
    Asia --> US = WAAAAAAAY cheaper.

    get it? got it? good. :yes:

    oh.. and there's no such thing as a VAT tax refund if you're a tourist in the US.. so it's more of a "savings"!
  15. Europe is definitly cheaper! In my post on the other page I explain about my vaccation in the U.S.
    For some reason my computer messed up and had to write it in two different posts sorry! xxx