LV prices up already?

  1. Is it me or did the prices for LV go up on Elux already? I thought that was supposed to happen in another week.
  2. Nevermind..I think it IS just me LOL
  3. I think some of them have already been raised. I was at LV on Friday night and priced the multicolor small ring agenda. It was $375. Right now it is $390 on eluxury.
  4. The Batignollea Horizontal hasn't gone up yet. I *think* it's the 20th{?}
  5. It's on Wednesday, 22 Feb. There, I finally got the date right! :biggrin: On "select" items only.
  6. I called my LV SA today. She said the prices go up in 2 days which makes it the 21st. and the prices will rise 2.5%.
  7. they told me the 22nd, between 2-3% on select items. newer items wont go up.
  8. oh crap... i better hurry up and sell my body to grab a couple of bags!
  9. I was just at the LV in King of Prussia, PA and noticed that some of the items in the display cases that normally have a price shown for it doesn't have the prices anymore. I was there to pick up my Speedy 40 that my friend had on hold in my name for me but they couldn't find it!!! I was a bit ticked cause I called and they said they have one then my friend called to have it held under my name so we know they said they have it. Well, they didn't but the nice SA there said that they'd have it FedExed to my work and I will get charged for it once it gets shipped. Old price still, $600 (then add the tax, ouch).