LV prices - RIO vs PARIS

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Warm greetings from Rio where it's almost winter. I am quite ready to buy my first LV :yes: :yes::yes:but am in two minds about waiting for the annual trip to Europe to buy. here's why:

    Part of the LV email I received:

    The prices of the bags you requested are:

    Speedy 30: R$1.580,00 (Approximately US$767)

    Damier Alma: R$ 2.250,00 (approximately US$ 1.090)

    Excentricite: R$ 2.590,00 (approximately US$ 1254)

    Here's part of alexandrainparis' report about the LV prices in EU:

    The Speedy 30 is 410€ which converts to $521.93 (WOW! Quel differenceVondervall!)

    The “Excentrice” is 655€ or $833.80
    The Damier Alma is €585€ or $744.52

    The excentrite has US$400+++ difference!!! Is it worth the wait til December?

    What do you guys think???
  2. You BET it's WORTH the wait!!! WOW! What a dif. in price!!!:amazed:
  3. Wow, you could get another bag with the money you save! :graucho:
  4. I know! It's just that it's too long a wait! Should have caught the LV buy before I moved here :smile:

    Does it have anything to do with Gisele Bunchen being a Brazilian???
  5. Def worth the wait!!! Esp if you know for sure you've got a trip lined up! With the savings, you could get another bag in Paris! I would presume also there would be additional VAT savings as a tourist? (not sure if Alex's prices include VAT already)
  6. It's worth the wait!!! I know it's hard though....... bf's mom(also from Rio) couldn't wait 2 months to come to the U.S. and bought the Baggy PM...When they came here 2 months later and saw the price, the dad was not happy. hehe.
  7. you think thats bad in Australia an alma is a bit over $1900 so i think we take the cake with most expensive lv but its also good becuse less people buy it and so its more reserved fo rthe true fans!! that bieng sais there r still plenty of fakes floating around
  8. I think you should wait, and use the savings to buy more peices. I am not sure, I'm going to find out, but I'll just bet there are bags in the "mothership" (credit to boudoir for that one) not found anywhere else on the planet...don't quote me yet...I will investigate for you and give you detailed information...I'm on the case!
  9. No, the prices don't include VAT but....

    here is a quote from Roo in the prices in Europe thread...

    "the plus you have as a non-EU tourist is that you get the VAT refund. That can save you $ even with the exchange rate. The only thing to remember is that (technically) you are supposed to declare the bags with customs if you exceed your $800 allowance. Usually it's only 2% on the amount above and beyond that."
  10. I'm heading to Paris for business in June. I'm looking forward to going to the LV shop on the Champs-Elysees to maybe pick something up. I won't be in p[aris for very long but will make it a point to go to the LV store.