LV prices in the UK

  1. I always thought that for the most part, LV was cheaper in Europe, but I didn't know that after doing conversions, LV is cheaper in Canada than in the UK. Is it only cheaper in mainly Germany and France...?

    For example: (Prices using UK site)

    Men's Ties: 89 GBP...202 CAD (is actually 195 in Canada)
    Reade PM: 340 GBP...775 CAD (is actually 715 in Canada)
    Miroir Pochette: 260 GBP...593 CAD (is actually 565 in Canada)
    Damier/mono pochette: 140 GBP...319 CAD (is actually 305 in Canada)
    Inclusion bracelet/speedy keychain: 120 GBP...273 CAD (is actually 275 in Canada, this is one where it's more expensive here)

    ...and so on. Of course, I'm just using so the conversion may be a little less IRL...but still, I thought LV would be significantly less expensive in the UK.

    Edit: Ok, maybe "significantly less" is too exaggerated, but I thought that at least it'd be less expensive.
  2. I'm not sure. I live in the US so I have only converted UK into US if the item was not available on eLUX (just so I could try and figure out what something would cost since the US site does not tell us) and the UK to US dollars always turned out to be equal, give or take about $5-10. I've always wondered the difference between the countries though.
  3. I don't htink anyone here should use real time currency conversion websites cuz they're not accurate in terms of the actual price. Great example is our own country Karman--> Canada is like what? Fluctuations between 1.1-1.3 when compared to the US?'s in fact 1.075-1.085, a lot cheaper.... So I'd assume UK's the same (plus you can get VAT back and depending on where you are in Canada, taxes here are generally pretty high)

    Also besides LVs, I know Lancome jacks up the price a LOT compared to the US, I often buy stuff that have a conversion rate of 1.4-1.6 (mainly the asian whitening proucts lol), but if you buy other generic products it's better (1.3).
  4. I think LV costs more in countries that are not using Euro
  5. LV in continental Europe is cheaper but LV in the Uk is more expendive.

    This isn't jsut LV, most things in the UK are more expensive than other countries. WE call it Rip-off Britain. It's also the reason why whenever you see a British tourist in USA, they are weighed down with armfuls of shopping bags.

    (and we alsways have poker faces when wlaking throught customs! :graucho:)
  6. Well for us here in the US our american dollar sucks compared to the british pound. I think it is something like 2 to 1 so for us to buy over there is not worth it but for them to come here and buy is one heck of a deal.
  7. We completely live in rip-off britain!!

    LV is the same as US prices in the UK, mainly because our currency isnt the euro, it would probably be the same prices as France and Germany if we used the Euro.

    The cost of living in the Uk is ridiculous, especially in London! Our taxes are soooo high, so is the price of petrol (gas), cigarettes and house prices! I'm lucky to have a fiancee with a high paid job, some of my friends are struggling to buy their first houses because house prices are crazy!
  8. If you want to complain about LV prices .. just purchase items here in Aus:p
  9. LV is only cheaper where the Euro is like here in Germany.
  10. the only good thing about living in the UK is that the pound is really strong against the dollar right now. when I used to do currency conversions it used to be around £65 for $100 now its more like £50!! so buying LV via reputable eBay sellers in the US is a lot better than buying new in the UK, even after shipping costs.
  11. totally agree with rip off britain! also between the us & uk they tend to keep things the same price for example if something is $20 in the uk it's £20 (which makes it almost $40) , us car $50,000 in uk £50,000 ($100,000)

  12. your prices are a little off, for example the inclusion bangle costs 125 sterling not 120 as you stated.

    Normally Uk prices for LV are cheeper but of course this does depend n exchange rate but a typical example I know of is that i paid thev equivalent of $20 more for a purse from New york than I would of had I waited till in Uk.
  13. I'm sorry if it's off, but I thought it said 120 pounds on when I typed the post.
    If it is 125 pounds then it's even more expensive...

  14. Hi there,
    100% agree on the house prices Uk however dont be fooled into thinking the tax rate in the USA is great!

    We moved here about 9/10 weeks ago and after paying for medical cover, and each time you go to doctors, plus adding in authodontic appointments, school supplies etc I rekon we are no better off. This is compounded by the cost of fruit and veg here with basic tomatos at 1.50 (sterling ) per pound, bread costing twice as much and to top it all the fresh produce is of very poor quality.

    Also in the Uk the taxes go to cover nursery places for 3 year olds where as here its an arm and a leg to send your child, I worked in the NHS prior to comming here, I moaned about it I will confess but I wish I had it here for sure.:sad:

  15. Well I paid $255 for the inclusion bangle here 2 weeks ago so I guess its slightly more in the US than in England.