LV prices in the Philippines

  1. grabe ba tax jan sa LV jan?
  2. Hi guys!

    I'm so confused! Good thing I found this thread! So here's my story:

    I'm living in Davao and I'm planning on flying to Manila just to buy my first ever LV (which is basically a Damier Speedy 30 - Ebony)... I really want to experience the "LV Experience".. you know, entering the store, meeting your SA and stuff.. But I never expected that the prices are higher than that of eLux and it really sucks big time!! Now, Plan A (which is going to Manila) is not gonna happen coz It's really expensive.. so here's my other plans:

    Plan B: Go to Hong Kong. Buy a Speedy. (I've read that it's cheaper in HK)
    Plan C: Go to Singapore. Buy a Speedy. (I dunno, maybe Singapore's cheaper than in HK)
    Plan E: Order via eLux but ship the package to my aunt's house in Calif. And then my aunt would send it to me here in the Phils. (I'm hope I won't end up in this situation... I want to experience first hand shopping!!!)

    What do you think guys? Which plan is the most convenient??? Coz I'm thinking that if i'd go to HK or S'pore, the fare would kill me. What if Fare to HK or S'pore + Speedy price from eLux = Speedy price in Manila?

    Please help me... :crybaby:
    Your opinions please...
  3. the damier azur 30 is 32k in manila...i dunno if they still have it coz when i passed by a few months ago they didnt carry it anymore..maybe they have new stocks...

    to give you an idea
    tivoli pm is only 44k (tax included) in hk
    tivoli pm here is around 51k

    they say LV in hk is cheaper...yes technically since its tax free..thats the only thing that you save on but retail is the same

    hope that helps :smile:
  4. im so :nuts: to see so many Pinoys in the LV Forum. maybe we should start a little group of our own in the LV Clubhouse :thinking:

    Correct! > i think the whole experience of purchasing your very first LV is still worth the extra $$$ :yes: spending more in order to save doesn't make sense in this situation. buy it from Manila. im sure you'll be back in no time ;)

  5. Yeah.. i've thought of that too.. I've made some calculations and going abroad is def more expensive than buying it in Manila. So, I'm back to Plan A.. Maybe i'll just call LV (in Greenbelt) and set some reservations.. Baka pagdating ko dun, walang stock ang Speedy.. yikes!

    Anyway, does the LV store in Manila offers hotstamping?
  6. buti pa nga! :tup: i think its a good idea to call in advance. you might even get them to put one aside for you :yes: as for heat stamping, im pretty sure they offer that service in Manila too. unless they can do it on the spot or within the day, you normally have to wait a couple of days or up to a week.
  7. Hello mga kababayan! So great to see many LV-loving pinoys here. :heart:

    Correct!, like what deluxeduck said, the shopping experience is priceless, plus when you buy it in Manila, you can start to establish a relationship with your SA, which can be favorable for you in the long run. Good luck!
  8. Hot-stamping in LUGGAGE TAGS? YES
    Hot-stamping with WALLETS, AGENDA and BAGS? NO

    i hope it helps.
  9. :nuts:ang dami natin! hahahah Hi guys! waves*

    Correct!-My Aunt resides in Davao as well :biggrin:
  10. wow, ang dami palang Pinoy dito sa tPF! :yahoo:

    @ Correct! - Damier Speedy 30 costs S$ 1030 here in Singapore (incl. 7% GST) so it's about Php30,900. If it's 32k in Manila then you can only save about 3k. Besides, nothing beats the feeling of walking out the boutique with the brown paper bag. :graucho:
  11. Talaga?! Baka nagkita na kami.. Hehe.. but I doubt it.. Ang laki kaya ng Davao.. :p

    Yeah.. Naisip ko rin yan.. thanks for the advice!

    Yeah.. I want to feel that.. "walking out the boutique with the brown paper bag."... Cool... :graucho:

    Anyway, guys, magkano ba ang Ring Key Chain sa Manila?

    Ring Key Chan.jpg

  12. tresormakati , is owned by chicingenue, ang username niya! ( if i'm not mistaken ) also member of ALVA forum. anyway , hows her price? okey lang ba???

  13. tresormakati, i believe is owned by chicingenue her user id w/c also ALVA member. hows her price?? okey lang ba?
  14. much is a mono speedy 30 now here in the phils?
  15. oh wow! buhay ang thread! hee hee

    i haven't visited this forum for quite some time now... dito ako tambay ulit. LOL

    Hello KABABAYANS!!!