LV prices in the Philippines

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  1. Does anyone know if it's cheaper to buy LV bags in the LV boutiques in the Philippines. The currency exchange rate is 50 pesos for every dollar.
  2. It's definitely not cheaper here.. It's much more expensive because of the tax..
  3. really? i've been wondering about that too. would you know how much the regular poch. acc. is? i just wanna compare. tia
  4. I wouldn't buy LV in the Philippines. Last time I checked, I was looking at a Epi Speedy and a Gucci Positano and it cost at least $200 more there than in the US. Plus, your dollar isn't worth as much anymore - I think it's down to 45 pesos for a dollar.
  5. NO! Never! I've been comparing our prices to eluxury for the past 5 years and most items are more expensive by at least 10K depending on the bag. More if the price is higher. Small leather goods eg. the pocket agenda are more expensive by 5k. The prices have gone down a bit when the exchange rate decreased from P56 to P50 but only by a few thousands. The duomo cost 76.5k 2 years ago when it was first released and price is still the same last month before the July increase. I guess they couldnt lower the prices because of the fluctuating exchange rate. They lose $$ that way coz they purchase in dollars or other currency.

    Try buying from Hongkong. They don't ship from HK/Japan to the Philippines but HK is definitely cheaper.

    IF buying preowned is an option for you, try He sells preowned and does bag shopping services if there's anything you're looking for. He's expensive but you can check out the bag before purchasing. Another option is let-trade from Hongkong if you do have the guts to buy a bag without seeing it. His prices are very reasonable.

    Good luck and hope this helps!
  6. im happy to see more Pinoys in the LV Forum! :nuts:
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  7. Hi, deluxeduck! Let me say that I am surprised. :wtf:

    You got a VERY AWESOME COLLECTION there! See ya!

  8. Can't wait to go home and see the LV boutique in Manila. It hadn't been built yet when I left. :sad:
  9. Hi! Glad to hear from the Pinays out here!:biggrin::biggrin:

    LV is so expensive here in Manila! IMO it is not also well stocked...they seem to be always out of stock of this and that...Yesterday I was looking for a BH because the neverfull I'm pining for is out of stock and all they have was the BV...I tried to ask for the manhattan pm just to try on and they have none...

    I wish LV could be priced here as low as the LVs in HK or Bangkok.

    LV_Shopaholic: Reg pochette here is around 17K (if I remember it right). I asked a friend to buy me in HK and its only around 13K upon conversion.
  10. OMG, I had no idea! Mabuhay!!! lol.
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  11. If you are stopping by Singapore you can buy here, and get 7% tax off. A lot of Indonesians and Japanese tourists come here to take advantage of the tax rebate.
  12. WOW!!! That is some amazing collection!!! Mabuhay, indeed!!!
  13. I didn't know there were so many Filipinos here. Glad to know, and thanks for the info.
  14. It's definitely not cheap to buy LV in the Philippines.
  15. I wonder why our prices cant be like hongkong prices? We are only 2hrs away.......