LV Prices in Sweden

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  1. hello, i couldnt find the denmark price on the, may i know if they sell it similar price as germany ? i am eyeing the zippy wallet , or zippy compact wallet :biggrin:

    or is there any link to the denmark pricelist?
  2. LV prices in Denmark are very similar to the prices in central Europe (France, Germany, Austria etc). Take the value in euro and convert it to Danish kroner (DKK), then you know the price of the item in Denmark :smile:
  3. Oh guys, thank you so much ! My sister-in-law is going there for outstation (I think) and just wondering if I should ask if can help me buy the zippy wallet. is so much cheaper there if I take the euro price convert it to Australia dollar. Wow !
  4. Hey! Anyone in Stockholm who happens to know what the speedy 30 in DE is? Trying to figure out if I'm better off buying it back home in the spring or here in the us....
  5. Its 4600kr here in Stockholm :smile: cheaper over there?