Lv Prices In Singapore And Hongkong

  1. hi there...

    i just want to ask how much is the difference of the LV bags between singapore and hk? i'm planning to get myself a denim baggy pm in singapore in the next month. but i've read somewhere that it's cheaper to get lv bags in hk.

    is it true? if ever how much is difference?

    appreciate your help.

    thanks! :yes:
  2. I'm no expert on the subject, but I have heard that Hong Kong is the cheapest place in Asia to buy LV.
  3. Yes, the prices in HK is cheaper. I think HK is like the hub for the Asian shops. The prices in Singapore are very much similar to the US pricing. It fluctuates at times.
  4. i did hear that the prices are slightly cheaper in HK compared to Singapore.
  5. yup. the prices are cheaper and the best part is that there is no tax either. be prepared to wait for a SA sometimes because it literally is a mob scene in there at times due to the throngs of tourists and locals shopping there.
  6. I went to the LV site and chose Chinese instead of going into the US site (not sure if you can read chinese but this is the second last language option when you first go onto the site). I emailed them through that site asking how much the denim pleaty was in HK and responded back with the price. Not sure if they're able to give you Singapore prices though but you could give it a try!
  7. I'm pretty sure HK prices will be lower. My sister just went to HK twice and we compared the prices for LV bags all the time and the price is always lower in HK. This also applies to other high end bags like Chloe, Chanel.
  8. HongKong is the central distribution for LV Asia Pacific, so I would imagine it is cheaper there compared to everywhere else.

    If you need pricing in Singapore, let me know I'll be able to find out for you
  9. thanks to you all for your inputs...

    andr114, i appreciate the gesture...i would like to know how much the denim baggy pm and neo speedy are in in the lv store in singapore...would you mind telling me if you get a chance?

    thanks a lot!!!

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  10. singapore also has gst and hong kong doesn't. but if they give you a tax refund (for tourists they do), the price might come out the same. good luck!
  11. you can email LV under 'contact us' on the website and ask about prices. they will respond (:
  12. HK is definitely lower. The price of LV in HK is similar to elux prices with only about up to less than $10 difference.

    Sing prices are quite high even with the GST rebate.

    The BH that I bought last March in Sing cost me about USD 740. My SIL recently bought one in HK for about USD 717.
  13. LV in hk is cheaper. Definitely!!
  14. if im ever in hk, i buy my LV at the airport. i'm not sure if that's cheaper, but at least i don't have to worry about getting taxed. compared to the u.s. price, i saved about $50 u.s. only.
  15. Hong Kong is definitely cheaper! I ALWAYS make bigger purchases in Hong Kong because they have stuff before the US AND I pay less!!! :yahoo: