LV Prices in Monte Carlo

  1. just wondering if anyone knows if LV prices are the same in Monte Carlo, Monaco as in France? i know the currency is based on the franc. my parents are going on a cruise that stops there and my mom wants to get a bag. thanks for your help!!!
  2. I was in Monte Carlo In September....Most prices were about the same in Nice and Paris...
  3. I bought my speedy 30 in Montecarlo 2 weeks ago...
    Prices are the same as in France and Italy.
  4. The prices were exactly the same in Paris, Nice, Saint-Tropez and Monte Carlo and also in Vienna in Austria if I remember correctly. :idea:

    In Paris I was told the prices were about the same in every Euro currency EU country.
  5. thanks! saved me calling monaco! :biggrin:
  6. is there sales tax in monaco?
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