LV Prices in Mexico

  1. DH and I are going to Cancun in a few weeks. I can't remember if LV prices in Mexico are less than in the US. Anybody know? Thanks!
  2. I went to the LV in Cancun last year thinking surely the prices would be lower. Not true! It was actually more expensive to buy LV there!
  3. Yikes! Thanks for letting me know. Guess I will be buying at home before the price increase.
  4. Hi Guys!

    What can you tell me about the LV Cancun store? How are they for LE things? Do they get any special items?

    Is it easy to find?
    My Sister is planning on visiting Cancun later she's not fully settled on date yet but i was just wonder if there is anything I can get her to pick up for me lol.
    She doesn't like looking for places so is it really easy to find?

  5. I was there a couple of years ago. It is very easy to find. It is located right on the strip ~ you can't miss it! Be prepared to have guards with AK47's standing by all the doors!
  6. The LV in Cancun is right after the front entrance of Kulkukan Plaza. The store was good size and the service was friendly; however, I didn't purchase anything there since the price would be higher than US, according to the SA.
  7. I was on vacation there a few years ago and the Cancun LV is well stocked. I remember when the Cerices line came out. It was all sold out in the U.S., but they still had plenty of all the pieces. This probably the case because, it is more expensive to buy in Mexico than the U.S. one converted and because a lot of the locals cannot afford their stuff. I noticed that the SAs are very accommodating to tourists but snub the locals.
  8. i don't even remember there being an lv in cancun....... well, after all, i was in cancun........ and when in cancun.... i don't know.
  9. ^ LOL

    heymom - AK47's! Eeek
  10. give a call to say 'hi" before heading down there . . this way they can be ready for you and what you might be looking for.

    Last month, I was at the LV store in Bermuda, and it was very small, I got the sense that they did not have lots of inventory.
  11. The LV store is a good size with bags, sunglasses and shoes. It is in the mall they mentioned in the luxury avenue of mall. There is a burberry, a coach, ferragamo, cartier and tous shop there. Next to a Sergio Bustamante store (modern art-great). The middle of these shops sells perfume and makeup all top of the line brands. Yes there are armed guards. You can park up front or take a taxi from a stand. I love Cancun and the whole Riviera Maya---nice side trip go to Isla Mujeres for the day.
  12. Does anyone know if this is still the case...that LV is more expensive in Mexico, specifically, Mexico City (DF)?
  13. I went to cancun a few years back and can honestly say I remember the prices being ridiculous.
  14. It is a little higher!!! I love the Quintana Roo area have fun!!
  15. Prices are higher & a word of warning do not use your credit card you will be slaughtered with the exchange rate! It happened me, DS was there on holidays & got me a few items that i couldn't get here. They worked out massively more expensive with the price & credit card conversion rates!