LV prices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  1. do we get tax rebate when leaving Malaysia? MAybe I should shop there one day.... but I don't like the weather.... and by the way, where is the LV store over there?
  2. Starhill, Kuala Lumpur, at Bukit Bintang area. :smile:
  3. What?!!! Second store in KLCC in July?? OMG OMG....So excited now...Finally they realised the LV-crazeness in Malaysia and decided to open another store in KLCC! Hip hip hurray!!!

    Looking forward to my trip to KL in July --Wink-- Ooooo, can't wait. Tsk...tsk...Thanks for the info! But some items like the Damier Speedy 25, the price difference is not really that much comparing to the prices here in the UK. I always thought UK would be cheaper by loads by that Speedy 25 is selling for 300 pounds here which means around RM2100 whereas KL selling RM2300...Hmmm...Weird huh?
  4. will be going to Singapore and Malaysia in July. Will definitely check both LV store :smile:

  5. In s'pore...there are 2 LV stores ..1 in Takashimaya...1 in Hilton hotel...

    Probably another 1 in DFS (in scotts)....I not so sure abt this thgh...

    The most popular ones is Takashimaya...bigger

    Just a gentle at 1st July our tax will be revised to remember to get yr 7% tax rebate info from these stores....enjoy
  6. From what I know, Malaysia have no taxes on LV, so no taxback. Msia is tax free shopping. I am in KL right now.
  7. Dont think u can get tax rebate as there is no GST tax here in Malaysia, like in Dubai too.
  8. How much is the tax now? Why it will be change to 7%?
  9. hi zhanne8, the tax now is 5% in Singapore, but as of 1st of July, it will be increase to 7%.
  10. You have to shop for local designers goods instead of overseas designers...

  11. Local flavour :p Guess LV is still not very competitive in pricing over in Malaysia. No wonder my mom kept asking me where she can get one while she was visiting me here in Canada last year. :sad:
  12. ok, we'll that would be good news right? ;)

  13. Will be in Bangkok and KL briefly next week... Anyone knows where to shop for deals with designer bags? I'm especially curious to see Chloe and Balenciaga also. Thanks!
  14. Hello, anyone here woh can help me with prices of LV Neverfull PM MC & Totally PM MC & Brazza wallet MC in Singapore and KL. Thanks a lot..