LV prices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  1. Hi all! Anyone here who can help me with prices of LV in KL? THanks a lot!
  2. i think i can help you..first time i saw Malaysia after few months being a member to this forum.. :smile: so any particular models?
  3. Wow! Thanks! I wanna know how much epi alma is, and speedy 30 azur please :smile:
    I forgot, please add batignolles vertical to the list :smile:
  4. You could call 1-886-VUITTON and they could connect you to the store in Malaysia or maybe someone @ LV HQ could give you the prices.

    Where do you live? USA?
  5. Should be around MYR2400. ;)
  6. i think the prices are significantly higher in KL because of taxes. my mom never buys her designer things from KL, and whenever she or my dad travel for work they have a long shopping list with them because it's cheaper elsewhere
  7. ive alwways wanted to go to the phillipines!
    i alsobuy things when im in different places, because cali is SO expensive sometimes. even the soda in the vending machines!
  8. ^ You should come visit our beaches sometime... :yes:

    So KL is not a good place to shop for designer stuff? I thought it would be pretty competetive in the asian market since they always use shopping as their campaign tourism ads :confused1:
  9. I think for Asian countries, Hong Kong and Singapore LVs prices are slightly lower than others. Malaysia's LVs prices are higher. My friend paid MYR5,000 for her green perforated speedy, while same item at Singapore is SGD2,200.

    But another advantage is, the stocks at KL LV stores move slower than Hong Kong and Singapore. Maybe there are more tourists at those 2 countries ? and buying power is stronger at Hong Kong and Singapore as well. So, sometimes you can get lucky by getting items that have been sold out in other countries. ;)
  10. my bf bought me the damier azur speedy 30 in KL, the price is 2400 and cheaper than hk too.
  11. how about batignolles horizontal ? thank you.

  12. What about HK? I heard HK prices are much lower than in Manila :smile:
  13. Prices as at 1/4/2007

    speedy 25 mono/damier MYR2300
    speedy 30 mono/damier MYR2400
    speedy 35 mono/damier MYR2500
    petit noe mono MYR2850
    pochette wallet MC MYR2400
    heart coin purse MC MYR1300
    pochette wallet mono MYR1950
    french purse mono MYR2050

    Manila prices are higher than KL, Malaysia. I just went back from Manila for vacation on Feb 2007.
    Bangkok prices are cheaper than KL (visited LV shop at Gaysorn & Emporium in Sept 2006 for my vacation trip).

    p/s : 2nd LV boutique will be opened in July 2007 at KLCC. The existing LV boutique is located at Starhill, KL.
  14. maybe u want to call them straightfully at this no : 03-21418790 and ask for the price. the service is a tad slow but theyll still assist u anyway.good luck!