LV prices in Italy?

  1. I'll be in rome on Saturday and I'm wondering whether to stop by the via Condotti boutique. Apparently the European prices aren't as cheap as those in France. Is this true? I just want a pochette or a cles which I could either buy now or on the Weekend. I will be shopping around the spanish steps anyway, at my favourite gloves shop.

    Though I suppose, even if the prices are the same, it would make a nice souvinir? :girlsigh:

    Oh, and what's it really like at the Via Condotti?
  2. Not much price difference really. Besides, France will always be cheaper compared to any other country with regards to LV prices, that is. It would be a nice souvenir from Rome:smile:... Via Condotti is really a nice place to shop. I was there last year & had a wonderful time. If you intend to shop at other designer stores, make sure you don't go on a Sunday since lot of the them are closed by then. Hope you have great time in Rome!!!
  3. Not really much of a price difference :smile: I've heard it's anywhere between 5-50 EUR (for Germany at least)
  4. All countries with Euros are quite cheap compared to anywhere else, at least that's my experience. France still is a little cheaper, but not that much.
  5. The prices in Italy will be slightly higher, but still a much better deal than anywhere outside of Europe !

  6. Thanks for the info. :tup: I made a typo in the op, I meant "what is it like in the via condotti boutiuqe itself?" I heard some rumours about customer service.

    The via condotti areas and the spanish steps are nice shopping areas, as long as the crowds aren't too bad. I'll be there on Saturday only.
  7. Ooo.. about the store at the Spanish steps - super nice. There are several SAs that speak Japanese as well. :graucho:
  8. The via condotti store is fabulous - some of the best customer service I've had through all of Europe was there! I picked up two items, and even with the euro to dollar conversion rate it was cheaper for me to buy in Europe (the items I got in Italy weren't available in Paris). Anyway, have fun and can't wait to see photos!
  9. glad to hear that, I'll only get one small accessory or two at a s-t-r-e-t-c-h :shame:

    (I still remember lustng over your new speedy and bandeau and thinking "I have to get me one of those" :upsidedown:)
  10. awww thanks! yeah, the ladies there are really, really nice. i think we went in on a sunday evening around 6:30 and they were still open - BF and I thought that was odd, considering it was Italy and a Sunday!
  11. Rome shop hours are longer than the rest of the country, I think. In Florence, fro example, they observe the siesta and only the supermarkets open on Sunday.
  12. customer service there is pretty good. pls post pics when you get back. have fun!!!
  13. Hi, I was just there last year and the prices in rome are slightly higher than paris. Example, I bought the Groom wallet for 350e in Paris and it was 375e to 380e in rome. My aunt just came back from Europe last week and the exchange is currently hovering around $1.48 - $1.50 to $1e, so it's actually more expensive to buy there now and then haul back. You can save about 10% with tax refund, but then you can always do ****** with elux for a few percent rebate. Frankly, I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle now.

    My recommendation is to go on the site and select "France" and see all the prices in euro for paris. Then, tack on 20-30e price difference between France and Italy and do a quick conversion calculation, you'll find that it's the same or even higher than US prices. I had her bring back an Hermes pocket scarf for me and even with the tax back, it was $30 higher then the US! 95e = $142.50 USD and it's only $110 in the US! HTH!
  14. Duh! I just noticed you're in the UK, ignore my comments then. Sorry!
  15. I forgot about this thread, lol!

    As it turns out the prices were *slightly* higher than the UK because the Euro has risen a little. Moreover the store was so busy and I was pretty much invisble to the SAs (people kept jumping in front) that I didn't buy anything when I finally got served. maybe next time, I'll goi during the week, lol!