LV Prices in Hong Kong

  1. Hi...
    Does anyone know how much does a damier azur speedy cost in hk? my friend will be flying to hong kong in the next 2 weeks so i would like to know how much does the bag cost there. doesnt matter whether it's 20, 25 or 30. please!!! and btw can anyone please tell me the dimensions of each size? thanks a bunch!
  2. You can check the LV website for dimensions and email them to ask for prices.
  3. My BF checked for me a couple months ago in HK and the speedy 25 was... 5200 HKD, I believe. In February, that was about $800 CAD, so roughly about $710 USD.

    We passed on it because due to the low exchange rate at the time, it would have been cheaper to buy it here and with GST (that, and it was also sold out back then :rolleyes:).
  4. the 30 is 4800hkd so thats about 612USD
  5. Hmmm maybe the 25 was 4200 HKD then?? My bad.
  6. Please post questions and prices of Louis Vuitton items in Hong Kong here, thanks ! :yes:
  7. thnkssss but what about the PM?
  8. Given the difference is 400 HKD between the MM and GM, it is probably 5,400.
  9. thank you so much !
    i was also wondering bout wallets...
    how much approx is an amelia wallet (mahina leather) and a sarah wallet (monogram vernis) ?

  10. Hi. I called up LV HK a while ago and inquire about the price of the 2 lv bags:

    alma damier 8,500 HKD
    speedy 35 damier 6,000 HKD
  11. hello i am outside HK and was wondering if anyone in HK has an idea how much these scarves may be in HKD:

    ** Leopard & monogram square
    ** monogram square classic
    ** Leopard & monogram scarf

    hopefully someone knows? super THANKS
  12. hi! does anyone know how much lv sistina pm and tivoli pm in hongkong? pls pls... thanks in advance! :smile:
  13. hi there. how much is a speedy 30 damier ebene in hk?:smile: