LV prices in HK


Jan 28, 2009
Went to Japan last year and their prices are at least 10 - 20% more than in the US (NY).

Does anyone know if prices in HK are cheaper? And do they charge taxes as well?

I remember getting a Dior in HK 3 years ago and it was $200 cheaper. That made a difference since the bag was $1,300 in the US and only $1,100 in HK after the exchange rate and no taxes if I remembered correctly.

TIA! :biggrin:

Damier Dork

Jan 15, 2010
New York
Prices are almost the same as the US there is no tax but the CC companies end up charging you a Foreign Transaction fee. I bought the XL bolt key chain for $313 usd + 10% transaction fee vs $295 usd + tax so I overpaid. I would recommend that you know the usd $ prices of the items that you are interested in and then you can do the math and see what you'll save if any at all.