LV Prices in France

  1. Aside from the appeal of purchasing a LV its homeland of France, are the prices more appealing as well? I will be traveling to Paris in October and would like to know if the LV's there are cheaper than in the US.

    Thanks everyone! :flowers:
  2. Yes - go to to see the French prices. They are far cheaper.
  3. Also, you get ~12% tax refund (ie 12% off the prices on website) as a visitor!
  4. It appears so.

    The Speedy 25 sells for 395 Euro, which is ~500 US dollars. The Speedy sells for 595 in the states, that's almost $100 cheaper! Wow, now I want to go to Paris...LOL
  5. How does that work?!
  6. I have no idea how to convert French currency into USA, but I pulled up a internet converter...

    The Speedy 25 in French is 395E.....that comes out to $77.20??? I had to have done something wrong! :wtf:

    Someone help! About how much less is LV in France?
  7. Oh, I am a dunce....I just saw Jazz's post...I guess I was doing something REALLY wrong!
  8. OK, here is what I did...what did I do wrong? Universal Currency Converter ® Results Live mid-market rates as of 2006.07.09 13:44:53 UTC.
    WARNING: FRF is obsolete and is no longer legal tender. More info 395.00 FRF
    France Francs (obsolete) = 77.2047 USD
    United States Dollars 1 FRF = 0.195455 USD
    1 USD = 5.11627 FRF Save money. Click here!!
  9. 395E comes out to $504
  10. The French uses the Euro now.
  11. Here's a cool converter link
  12. Today:

    1 € = 1,25 $
    1 $ = 0,80 €
  13. Lv is the cheapest in Paris. If you a tourist, you can get a VAT refund of 12% (on the purchase price) when you leave Paris. Just get the SA to fill up the VAT refund form for you and proceed to the CUstoms counter at the airport when you are leaving Paris. You can opt ot receive cash or card credit of 12% on purchases of LV.

    For example, if you spend Euros 100 in LV, you will get back a further Euros 12 at the Customs counter. This makes LVs in Paris the cheapest in the world. Factoring in the prices and the VAT refund, prices in LV are approximately cheaper by 30% in Paris compared to where I live. I kid you not. Hope this helps.
  14. This helps so much! May I ask what VAT stands for and where I can get a form? Thank you mercx5! :flowers:
  15. VAT stands for "Valed Added Tax". Taxes are levied on UK residents and tourists like us are entitled to a refund. If you make purchases at LV, tell them you are a tourist and give them your passport, they will assist you in filling up the VAT Refund Form. Make sure you bring yr form to the Customs counter at the airport and show them the goods to get the refund.

    You can google to check more specific steps on VAT refund. :smile: