LV prices in Dubai???

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  1. Does anyone happen to know whether LV is cheaper in Dubai than in the US? Just thought I would ask since I've heard people say several times that it is cheaper to buy in Europe . . . . . I'm hoping that's the case for Dubai, too, 'cause I'm going there next month to visit a friend. thanks!
  2. oooo I've heard great things about the shopping there!
  3. everything in Dubai is tax free... i doubt LV items would be much cheaper though
  4. I love dubai i want to go there the weather is so nice.
  5. Hii =)

    am from Dubai ... well as for LV prices .. yes they're SLIGHTLY cheaper ... i bought my neo speedy for 4600 DHS and its 4800 Dhs in US ... but i guess it cheaper in europe =)

    enjoy ur stay =)