LV Prices in Canada

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  1. 700. appx
  2. take the US price and multiply by 1.075 and my conversion always is within a 5 dollar range.....
    thus the wallet organizer will be 586$CAD and the PTI will be 618$CAD...However, since LV always kinda rounds things off, the wallet organizer is then 585$CAD and 620$CAD for the PTI! :biggrin: (Don't forget the taxes.....but I ain't calculating that for ya! you're on your own now! lol)

    PS: I like
  3. Really??? I multiply by 1.15 or 1.16 and it's usually pretty, close, isn't 1.075 kind of low? :shrugs:

    For example, on eLuxury the Epi zippy wallet is USD $645 and in Canada it's $740. 1.075 would mean that it should be only $693. Since that's [1.075] like half of the actual exchange rate for USD to CAD [usually around 1.14], wouldn't it be cheaper for Americans to buy their LV in Canada, then?

    I ADORE math. And calculus. None of my other subjects beat math in high school. *
  4. I remember buying a US Money Order, and Canada Post used the 1.14 rate. So I always think this is close enough. But I would probably use 1.16 just to be safe and know I had enough for LV items. :upsidedown:
  5. 1.075 is not like half of 1.14...

    You can call 866-VUITTON and ask for the official Canadian prices.
  6. chanelprincess taught me a great way to calculate and it works for most of the items we tried.
    $ on elux multiply by 1.085 and minus 2 dollars :smile: it should be right!!
  7. Do any of you know how much a Damier Speedy 25 and 30 cost in Canada?
  8. I'm interested to know this as well.
  9. Well I don't know the exact price for wallets or accessories, but my rate of 1.075 is absolutely correct and I'll give you some examples:

    Batignolles H: 815US-->875CAD (1.074 rate)
    MC Trouville: 1330US-->1430CAD (1.075 rate)
    MC Speedy: 1800US-->1940CAD (1.078 rate)

    These are all OFFICIAL Canadian prices as of July 1 (remember the decrease guys?)......So.... I doubt that Canada changed their prices again in one month. Also, I know that it's not exactly 1.075 like i mentioned in the first post, but you can somewhat average it out from the conversions shown above. (I just think 1.075 is easier to remember....) Mind you guys, the rate excludes TAXES!

    Also, BEFORE the price decrease, the conversion rate was about 1.18 (not 1.14)..........

    As for Americans coming all the way to Canada to buy Louis Vuitton? I don't think that's very realistic. If they want to come here, heck, i'd tell them to migrate to France first haha cuz it's the cheapest there (plus you get VAT back). Besides we have a LOT MORE TAX than what Americans more or less, it's about the same to buy from USA or Canada. Iono what each province's tax is but in Quebec and Ontario it's 7.5% (plus 6% GST), and for Alberta...well....let's just say that they're lucky:biggrin:
  10. Well, sorry, maybe I didn't make myself clear, I was thinking of 7.5% is kind of half of 14%.

    I won't argue with you guys, but using eluxury and the Holt Renfrew price list, I always use 1.14-1.16 and it's pretty close. True, like for the Batignolles, it is quite low, such as 1.075. But what about the Wapity? My friend paid $380 pre-tax for it and it's...$275 on eLuxury. That's definitely NOT 1.075
  11. Since I'm constantly calling 866# or my local boutique for Canadian prices, I thought that anyone who had current pricing in Canadian dollars for items could post it here!

    Speedy 25 = $645.00

    Speedy 25 = $645.00

    Speedy 30 = $670.00

    Medium Ring Agenda = $455.00

    Lockit Horizontal = $1,010.00

    Zippy Wallet = $600.00

    Pochette wallet = $520.00*

    *Above are the prices for Monogram Canvas items (and I think Damier is the same, but not 100% sure)

    Saleya MM = $1,030.00
  12. Thanks for the prices!! Do you know how much the normal Lockit is?

    Is there a cost to call the 866# and is it a computer that answers the calls or do you actually speak with someone to find out the prices? If it's free and it's a computer operator, then I'd be on the phone all day writing down prices! :lol:
  13. Epi speedy 25 $985.00
    Epi speedy 30 $1085.00

    ( last time i called)