LV Prices in Bahrain

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  1. Ok so today i went to LV at the mall here in Bahrain to try on a few bags ive been after, little did I know id leave in shock at the price of certain bags! E.g. Alma in Damier, BD813, this is the equivalent of $2,156!!!:wtf: Is this normal?! Maybe its a gulf thing :-S This is pretty insane to me tho, considering right next to it they had sitting the lovely huge vernis Almas, for only BD2 more! What is going in here, this is more than double the price of the damier alma in UK! I think ill stick to buying my bags when im home in UK, or order and have my mother send them over! Geez, and now im reading about possible increases, well i think Bahrain should hold their prices for the next few years!:shrugs:
  2. Wow thats crazy but I think you are right, its probably because its the Gulf, I heard LV is very expensive in Dubai aswell. LV probably thinks the cost of importing and the fact that the gulf is doing financially well makes sense of the prices.
  3. It is true; it is more expensive here in the Gulf. Again, that is a disadvantage of Louis Vuitton. Prices are not the same everywhere. Even in Europe, it is cheapest in France and Germany and slightly higher in the United Kingdom. That said, prices at Asian stores are the highest.