LV price question.


Jul 3, 2010
I purchased a speedy last July and after finding several flaws I returned the bag. Here is the link to the discussion with pictures:

I wasn't positive that I'd ever want to buy an LV again after that. It was very upsetting to spend as much as I did only to get home and discover that it looked as if it was a used bag that was sold to me. After months of debating I've decided I really do want a speedy and plan on purchasing a new one.

I spent a lot of time on the forum lately just lurking to make sure I still loved the speedy and of course I do. I also found some discussions about price increases. Well I checked the LV site and realized they are more expensive than before (obviously) but now I'm wondering if there will be another one anytime soon? I can't afford to run out and buy one right this minute so I'm just curious if anyone has any information on whether or not there will be another increase?

Also I've been reading that it seems the quality has gone down a little, I'm sure most responses will be a definite yes but with the quality going down and the price going up, is it still worth it?

Thank you everyone for any help offered.


Jan 22, 2011
So far in 2011 ,there was a price increase in February and June ( yes 2 weeks ago).
From what I've read on here that's very close together to have 2 increases.
When ( I hate to say when) the next increase comes, the people on here will definitely post it.
Keep in mind you can always go the pre loved route.
That's what I did with my Artsy MM. I saved over $400 ( and that was before the price increase 2 weeks ago.)
Just remember ,I Addy and Lee authenticate on here.


Obsessed and in LoVe
Feb 9, 2010
Honestly, I think it's worth it if you genuinely love the bag, but quality wise I would definitely not tell you to expect it to last a lifetime, which is a belief many people seem to have.

I just read your original thread and I'm amazed by how many people essentially said that LV selling them a used and/or defective bag would not bother them. Very strange indeed. I wouldn't accept being sold a £20 bag as new, if it were used, so the very thought of accepting a used and faulty bag that costs hundreds is ridiculous. But each to their own.

Anyway, I wouldn't think there'll be another price increase anytime soon, since there have already been two this year. The Speedy is a classic LV bag that will never be out of style, so if you still love it and you can personally justify the new cost, go for it. Don't put it off for too long because while it might not go up soon, the price certainly ain't gonna go down! ;)
Jun 28, 2010
If you really love something AND you can afford it, then I'd say it's worth it. The canvas material is durable, and you can use the damier speedy in any kind of weather. The bag may not last a lifetime, but I do believe it will last years as long as you take good care of it! I mean, it's nice to buy a bag knowing it'll last a "lifetime"... but realistically, do you actually plan on using the bag for that long??

There are a couple rumours here on TPF that LV may decide to do "quarterly increases", but I'm not too sure. Just keep up with the forum, and I'm sure you'll be aware of the next one ahead of time :smile:.

Btw, just make sure to check over the bag you're purchasing before you buy it! If there are any signs of wear, just ask them for another one. Where I live, the SA's always make sure to let the customer check over the exact bag they're buying before they go ahead with the purchase.


Jul 16, 2009
It's true the quality has gone down and you can do all the searches to compare vintage LV with "new" LV but I still think LV makes pretty durable bags. Here on tpf, we're so knowledgeable about LV and we count all the stitches and measure all the "checks" so if something is off we know right away:biggrin:
Sometimes ignorance IS bliss but if I'm getting a flawed bag I like to know about it.
Anyway, I recommend getting your Speedy sometime this year. I have no idea when the next increase is but it seems there won't be "a year to save" for a bag anymore. A pfer mentioned that LV wants to be more like Hermes and keep bumping the price up to make the brand pretty exclusive. I wouldn't be surprised.


Dec 31, 2010

I made the orginal post about the quailty decrease and provided the pictures of the vintage vs the newer speedys. I dont believe the newer speedys are low quailty by any means but they will not last 40 years I believe like the older bags. I do not plan on using my current bag for 40 years however...i believe after 10 years my tivoli pm will prob be sold or retired to her dustbag for the new style bag that is in (not LV since it will be 1,000,000 for a bag by then :P ) . I would suggest buying a preloved bag. You get the same bag for less and damier ebene holds up very well so you can find some in EUC. I think LV is still worth the price as its a symbol of high fashion taste and a piece of fashion history.