LV price increases and Damier Speedy

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  1. I know that everyone seems to be getting different stories from different SAs. The SA at the Louis Vuitton in NM in Short Hills said that they got the memo that a price increase is very soon (she said she's been told to expect it Monday b/c Sunday is inventory day). She also said that according to what she received the damier speedy is included in the price increase and that the 25 will go from 565 to 595! Ouch! Needless to say, I left with the last available 25 :shame:
  2. Now that is just so wrong on their part. During the last price increase, the Perfo bags stayed the same because they had just been released day/weeks before the increase. Tsk, tsk, LV. You don't need to scare people into stampeding for the Damier Speedy now -- they're already crazy for it in droves.
  3. Thats wrong!!! teh speedy 25 has went up about 50 ,and it isnt even a year yet!
  4. That is weird. At the last price increase, I was asking a LV store about saleya pm (which was new) and it was excluded from the increase because it was new. Maybe they try to justify it because they have to raise the price of the mono speedies. Who knows???? Ugh!
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