LV Price Increase?

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  1. There's been rumours of the LV prices going up soon. (I really hope this isn't true!!!) :sad2: Does anyone know anything about this? Any idea when this will happen?
  2. Oh no...please don't tell me that. This is so crazy.:evil:
  3. There was a post on this forum stating that it will:Push:
    if you go under search and type out lv prices, the thread will appear.
  5. I was in LV a few weeks ago, and the SA said it was really soon.
  6. That is very sad I just got my first and only LV.....I think I am going to get dior or chanel next time instead...
  7. How often do they do it? Once a year or more often?
  8. How much do they usually bump the prices up by? It is a worldwide increase?
  9. I heard from TFS that they usually do a price hike (~5%) the end of Feb or 1st wk of March. Not sure though...
  10. They already did increase their price on the french LV site, I remember the epi alma used to be 680 eur before new year, now it's 695 eur, the epi speedy is now 590 instead of 575...
  11. I heard somewhere, the prices increases because the dollar is weaker than the euro. Is this true? or do they rise prices all over?
  12. Oh noooooo - price increase! I was going to get myself an epi speedy as a birthday present with my first paycheck; but that won't happen until May-June-ish, so I will have to pay the higher price! :evil::sad2:

    Thanks to everyone for being so informative about when, why, and how much the price increase will be....
  13. I just asked about this in another thread, but you're right, the prices on the French site increased about two weeks ago. I was looking at the inclusion rings, were €120 , now €130, and I paid €140 in Dublin!


  14. oh man not increase again .:wondering...i was planning to buy the Pink Denim baggy bag :worried:
  15. LV SA told me in approx 1 week.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.