LV price increase

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  1. is it effective today?
  2. yes, they are effective today. check the louisvuitton website for price increase details.
  3. Yes. BOO!
  4. I just saw the news on Yahoo. Five percent increase on the LV products. Booo, hoooo. It was bad enough already. Aren't we supposed to be in a recession? Arrggh. :confused1:
  5. Eluxury hasn't changed their prices yet.

  6. I saw that too. I hope someone takes this advantage before they update the site.
  7. Do you have the link?
  8. I finally bit the bullet and bought my pomme FP for $695 on eluxury instead of the $720 on Hopefully it doesn't change in my order summary!
  9. Just snagged a fawn Inclusion PM bracelet:yahoo:I really wanted to wait and see all the new Inclusions at the boutique before I purchased any...but I figured I will end up buying the bracelet no matter what, so I went with elux.
  10. doesn't it just kill you a lil inside seeing the price change
  11. What if and stores were to only raise their prices? and not elux... haha

    would you continue to go to the store? haha

    it wont happen but WHAT IF
  12. You kidding me - that would be awesome...why pay tax in the store when you can pay no tax and get free shipping on eLux!!! I would go to the store to check out the bags and make my decision :idea::rolleyes:
  13. I’m normally a Gucci Fan, for one thing they offer a great variety and most importantly they have a sale twice a year. lately I’ve been admiring all of the beautiful LV’s you ladies have. I have always preferred the Mono LV’s over all others, but shied away because of all the fakes out there. Last Saturday I purchased a Mono Zippy wallet for $585 (now $620) and I’m in love. I also recently found a receipt from the year 2001 when I purchased a petite noe for $475 (now $790). I feel like LV is getting a little outrageous with there increases. I want the Batignolles Horizontal, but after that I think I’ll be giving LV a rest. At least for a while.
  14. A raise of $315 in 6 years... originally $475. Thats a good 80% increase of the original price if my quickshot maths is correct? wow!
  15. woo stocks went up...speedy 35 is up..mahattan pm is up..speedy 30 is up lol..that's the only time I'm happy that there is a price increase...

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