LV Price Increase

  1. Hello. The LV shp in Guam had increased their price by 10% on Monday Dec. 3. 10%!!:wtf: Is this true with other LV stores worldwide??
  2. 10%?!?!?!?!?!??! I haven't heard/seen anything here in the States...anyone know if/when this is happening?
  3. wow. 10%!! I havent heard of this happening in NZ as of yet....
  4. And what bags will this increase (if there is one) effect?? O_O
  5. Totally NOT surprised.
    Usually happens in November !!!
  6. The SA told me it applies to everything, up to 10%. But remember Guam is duty free, so it's cheaper than anywhere else to begin with. Example, the neverfull pm used to sell for $498, monogram pochette wallet for $465. I just bought a monogram address bracelet. When I called in, they said $270, but when I went to buy it the next day, it had gone up to $280.
  7. That's less than a 5% increase
  8. they said UP TO 10%.

  9. I skimmed through and based my comment on your very first post, because you initially said it was 10%.....

    I didn't catch the "up to" in your last post
  10. Wait does that apply to everything or only certain bags? I want another wallet. Wait after Christmas?
  11. just checked elux and checked out speedys, BH, denim neo speedys prices and they're still the same...anyone spoken to their SA's???? Didn't they just do one a few months back?
  12. At this rate of increase.... I don't think I'm getting my dream bag the MC speedy anytime within the next year.... pooo it sucks that I keep saving the the price keeps going up...... I hope it's not happening here in Can or the States...
  13. Malaysia increased the prices of everything except for shoes approx. 2 weeks ago. The increase applied to new items too like Mirage, Mono Bequia including yet to be released like Damier Lune (I know because I checked before and after)The rise I spotted was about 3% and up. Should be happening soon around the world given the stronger Euro and weaker USD.
  14. Oh That suxz.. LV Spore just raised their prices in july cos our tax went up 2%. Now this... OH OH!!!
  15. My SA just called me, there will be a price increase after Christmas. She said, 5%.