LV price increase

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  1. does anyone know when LV will raise their prices? I thought March but not sure.

  2. ANOTHER price increase??? oh man. Please say it isn't so.
  3. No idea
  4. it WAS scheduled for feb. but a couple pieces have actually gone DOWN. the french wallet and the BH to name a few.
  5. No No- no price increase. LV is going to lower prices here on out! Do you think the LV gods here me?
  6. ^^Are you serious, they are lowering the prices of some pieces?!?!?!

    and just when i thought I started a love affair with LV at the worst possible time! What french wallets when down? from what?
  7. The mono french wallet went down to $525. Maybe all the canvas ones actually?
  8. March 1st, I believe. My sa showed me the new lookbook with the march release dates and all the prices were higher. =( Hopefully not though because I plan on bringing home a dune and ivory speedies.
  9. This question has been asked a few times before... please use the search feature above to see if any previous threads have been posted pertaining to your inquiry. ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.