LV price increase on 6/12 in SCP (So Cal)

  1. I thought the LV price increase starts tomorrow so I made a mad dash over to LV in South Coast Plaza to buy my mono pap 30 (since my mom jacked my damier pap 30 :noworry:). My SA knows that I'm a rather picky customer since I always request for a bag made in France. So I called her before my arrival to have her search for a French-made pap for me even though I know it's like searching for a needle in a hay stack. :shame: Thank god she found one!! Dang, she's GOOD!! :graucho: I decided to have my pap heat stamped w/ my name (so my mom can't take mine j/k... we love to share...) and I also picked up a long mono wallet for my mom's very very early b-day (her b-day is the end of this year) just so I can beat that price increase.

    I asked SA about the price increase and she said it's not effective until 6/12 for SCP so I guess I'm early on making my mad dash.... :Push: I wanted to see the damier speedy but she said they're not available until tomorrow but they do have one in their glass display case so I had to press my fat face against that glass and drool... :love: SA said there's a long wait list for the damier speedy but they should have plenty of bags left for the ones not on the wait list so if any of you lovely ladies still want one, you can still get it! They are also having the damier keepall coming out tomorrow but only in size 50 (w/o strap) and 55 (w/ strap). Same price as the mono keepalls. I wanted the 45 with the strap but they don't make it in the damier print. :sad:

    Bjara: Val says hi!! I told her about you and the forum and she started to laugh. She said she went on PF because of you and she had to get off before she gets addictive to it too. :roflmfao: I love Val...

    Frozen Jimmy: I wanted to drop by your store to say hi but damn... where is your store??!! I can't find it at all! But then I'm the type that do get lost very easily at the mall. :P
  2. Irissy - congrats on your purchases! I love the new SCP store.
  3. t4p
  4. Congrats on your mono pap!! I have the pap 26....Love it!!

    OMG, when I read your post...I about fainted! I just added myself to the wait-list at SCP 4 days ago. The SA told me there was a long list, etc. So I was figuring I wouldn't get a call or whatever...until, I don't know, mid-June.. maybe.:yucky:

    I was already getting a bit depressed thinking I added myself to the wait list too late...(thinking) Why didn't I add myself sooner? I probably won't get one til the end of June? :sad:

    Hmm? Neways...Now you're saying the SA told you they should have plenty, even for those not on the list!!!?!?!?!?!?!? WHAT THE?!?!?! :blink: OMG!! I'm hopeful now!!!!!!!:rochard:

    I guess I'll be waiting to see if they call me. Ugh, but If they do...I won't be able to go tomorrow. I'll have to go pick it up on Fri. ::crossing fingers:: that they call me!

    Thx for the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes:
  5. Thanks! I love the new store too. Bigger the better right? :amuse:
  6. :amuse: congrats, Irissy can't wait to see pics!
  7. Yup, that's what she said. :biggrin: She's not sure if the damier speedy will get a price increase but at least we'll know that it'll cost the same for at least the first 2 wks before the price hike. After June 12, who knows... :huh:

    If they don't call you, you should definitely call them.
  8. Good to know. I was just at SCP on Saturday. I can't remember who helped me at LV, but she was very nice. I can't say the same for the lady at Hermes. Sheesh!!! What a snoot.

    I think I saw in another thread that Jimmy works at Restoration Hardware...maybe in Crystal Court.
  9. Will do!!!!!!!! Thx again!!:amuse:
  10. Ya I was looking for Restoration Hardware but wasn't sure if that's the name of the store or that's what they do inside the store. :lol:
  11. Congrats on your new purchases Irissy, great move !!!
  12. Congrats!
  13. Too funny! IMO, she is by far the best SA there. She is SO friendly! Is Val your regular SA?
  14. I'm trying to make her my "regular" SA since I heard so much good things about her thru you. :biggrin: Yes, she's way nicer than the other SAs there that's for sure. :yes::love:
  15. bigger, better, more organized, more spaced out. I remembered having to squeeze between multiple ladies to take a peek at the small accessories in the showcase. Now they have the bar counter in the back with the stools for us to sit on while browsing! :heart: