LV Price Increase List (on some bags)

  1. Hey all!

    I had copied and pasted the old prices before the increase so that I could compare w/ the new increased prices.

    The list below is of things I either want to look into getting, or was curious about...and a few I already have.

    Thought I'd share w/ everyone.:smile: I just went to elux and updated the "new" prices to the left to compare with the old ones on the right.

    BTW, anyone know how much the vernis french wallet was "before" the increase??? I forgot to add it to my list! UGHHHHH!!:blink: TIA!


    LV Price Hike List


    $1300 Baggy GM $1250
    $1160 Baggy PM $1120
    $1390 Neo Speedy $1320
    $595 Speedy 25, $565.00
    $800 Coussin GM, $765.00
    $980 Excentri-cité, $935.00
    $930 Ellipse Petit Modèle, $885.00
    $695 Mini Looping, $665.00
    $350 Mini Sac HL, $335.00
    $1060 Babylone, $1,020.00
    $815 Batignolles Horizontal, $775.00
    $825 Popincourt Haut, $785.00
    $735 Popincourt, $700.00
    $1390 Manhattan PM, $1,320.00
    $1220 Multipli-cité, $1,160.00
    $990 Cabas Mezzo, $940.00
    $880 Cabas Piano, $835.00
    $880 Monogram Alma, $835.00
    $1500 Hudson GM, $1,430.00
    $1770 Manhattan GM, $1,680.00
    $1400 Hudson, $1,330.00
    $860 Petite Bucket, $820.00
    $870 Trouville, $825

    $1330 MC Trouville, $1270
    $900 MC Eliza $855
    $495 MC Mini HL $ 470
    ? MC Speedy 30 $ 1710
    $1370 MC Alma $1300
    ? MC Priscilla $1320
    Same Speedy 30 Perf $1200
    $590 Pochette Croissant, $565
    $465 Mini Ellipse $440
    $195 Photo Holder 2 $185
    $345 Photo Holder 4 $330
    $275 Wapity mono $265
    $150 Key/chain <cles> $145
    $485 Mono Canv Porte Tresore Inter. $455
    $610 Zippy Organizer $580

    $615 MC Porte Tresor Inter. $585
    $575 Vernis Porte Tresor Inter. $550

    $1240 Tikal GM $1180
    $750 Tikal PM $715

  2. Thanks for posting LVCrazed :flowers:

    Do you know if koala wallet went up in price too?
  3. Your welcome!:smile: Koala, sorry...I don't know...:huh:
  4. YEs from $535 to $560.
  5. LVCrazed, thanks for the heart breaking list:roflmfao:

    I will try not to buy anymore till Christmas.:P
  6. makes me so sad=(
  7. heart breaking is about right! :sad:
  8. looking at that list makes me :mad:
  9. Thanks for your hard work lvcrazed!

    List is so discouraging and making me unhappy!
  10. Thank you for doing that.

    Did anyone figure out the rhyme or reason for each increase - the % doesn't seem the same across the bags. The increase is really aggravating :rant:
  11. I'd like to see a price list from 3 years ago. I just wish I stocked up on my addiction then.
  12. thanks for posting. i see some of mine on there and makes me glad i've already purchased :yes:
  13. Speedy 25 went up by $30???.:amazed:

    glad I bought my 35 already, I paid $605
  14. As annoying as it is. I personally do not have a problem with LV increasing prices. LV is one the most stable resell items in the designer purse arena. They dont have sales ever and the price increase, keeps the value of the LVs you already own up. Think about it. If you bought a pouchette 4 years ago you paid $160 today its $ could sell it comfortably used for about $190 so you are making money on your items. Yes its annoying but is better then a certain designer I know who sells bags at 70% off and then sells $1000 bags for $150. How much faith can you have in a line like that.

    Just my opinion.
  15. Thank you for posting!
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