LV price hike

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  1. -Well, you can probably just ignore this b/c I found the other LV price increase thread a couple of pages back. Sorry about the redundancy!-

    In the Papillon 26 thread, Irissy said something that made me think the price raise is coming within the week. Do I have this right? And how much will it be again? Six percent sticks in my mind for some reason. Just double-checking. The framboise agenda is growing on me (it's all your fault, Cristina : ) ), but my birthday (and b-day money) is not until the 28th of Feb.
  2. What price hike! NNNNOOOO!
    Is this a TRUE statement. When will it happen?
  3. My SA said it's suppose to start on 2/21 but then other members said either on 2/20 or 2/22. :blink: We're looking to about 5% most likely but still not sure.
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